Elden Ring


Maybe they’ll just use Unreal Engine 4 or something. Namco’s already been using it for their fighters (and they are publishing this game for From).


ah, that’s not quite what I meant by “engine building,” I meant more scaffolding of physics interactions

basically being able to credibly make a swordfight game


Anyway, I don’t really get the fears, here. I highly doubt Miyazaki is gonna somehow compromise his craft, just because he borrowed a world from Martin.

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Popular thing bad
Nicher thing bad for flirting/fucking with it

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yeah I mean From aren’t exactly niche anymore but this basically seems like it’s competing with the audience of like, elder scrolls

HBO Low Fantasy Action RPG

it’s like all the “well, they’re kind of getting away with a few things here but the whole package is impressive enough not to matter” aspects of Witcher 3 minus all novelty


Well there hasn’t been a new Elder Scrolls for 1,000 years so waht


they’re boring and received uncritically by a massive audience and from has never been that despite their huge success


I have enough respect and well short of blind faith in From + Miyazaki

To wager they’d not just grab a big name and blow hot air

It’s entirely possible though, we’ll see

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Well if Nintendo can make a good game with horse riding, I think Miyazaki can.


I do think I might be being uncharitable on the basis of my recent impressions of Martin being tanked by Benioff and Weiss, I’d love him to remind everyone of how relatively interesting he could be in the 90s

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I’m with @AutomaticTiger, Martin is boring. It’s too bad Ursula K Le Guin isn’t around any more, because she’s the author I’d most want them to work with.

Peter Watts is still kicking, he’d give them some real wild shit to use.

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Although on second thought I would totally play a Sandkings game. Maybe they’ll manage to get some of his kookier shit for this.


I think Martin’s particular genius is in writing very clear factional politics with very clear constraints on leaders and illustrating the coalitions they lead, and wrapping it in a mass author’s voice. While his stories are character-driven, they’re used to explicate systems.

I have a hard time anticipating how that works with From’s and especially a post-Demon’s Souls From house style, which is allergic to character cutscenes. Still, Sekiro showed them moving towards a more direct narrative, and preserving their tone admirably – though they were greatly helped by the natural fit of stoic, vague Japanese noble conversational style.

wish people weren’t trying so hard to elevate Miyazaki as the sole creative voice in From, as so much of the culture is a throughline from before his time and he doesn’t appear to be seeking it


Martin is as successful as he is because he successfully smuggled Extremely Boilerplate Fantasy that hits all the nerd fetishists just right under a veneer of This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Fantasyland grimdark shit and showy rug-pulling. If half your characters are getting their tropes subverted, the reader’s distracted from the other half hitting all the cliche beats just with more labored descriptions of nipples and gore than your average Terry Brooks joint.


Yeah that is tiresome and not fully reflective of course, but ends up being unavoidable shorthand figurehead, especially as a director/producer name standing next to another “person” in collaboration and buzz

Your first sentences are what I was trying to convey as well, and what I have stayed most curious for since seeing this rumor


you’re not wrong but isn’t it almost a truism to point out that most well regarded smash successes are like 25-50% interesting because that’s how much a large audience will bear


I agree, I think he’s very consciously starting from traditional fantasy and using that comfort to focus on specific political consequences and character trope reconsiderations. He really doesn’t want to fully jump out of the boat.

now, I’m not saying I particularly enjoyed Game of Thrones nor have I watched the show, but I think we can merit his strengths


can they


this isn’t how you spell King’s Field VR


I will merit that he has a strong love of writing detailed descriptions of women’s nipples.