Eat My Shorts (short films thread)


Glorious stop motion





i missed halloween by 3 days


That was so cool, how have I never heard of Cecilia Condit?? I gotta check out her other work. The VHS rip really enhanced the feel of that film in the way it so often does for 80’s video art.


her other stuff is less outwardly surreal - a lot of it is about her living with and caring for her dying mother

her normal speaking voice is much closer to that same broken sing-song tone than you’d expect, though






This is such a great visual premise but loorrrrrd could they have done something less cloying


Chris Marker’s 1984 short film about three potential futures for the working people of the world. Startlingly prescient, a lot of what it predicted came to pass. We kind of live in its first prediction, of a “grey future.”


a girl who makes cool art n games made this for college a few years ago:

she made an adventure game with a pretty similar art style that I feel like I must have told you about @sleepysmiles but if not it’s called Maggie’s Apartment and one day I swear I’ll play past the first room


What the hell that was magical