dunkin’s dungeon unity edition / open source shadow tower abyss unity framework


i have hardly started learning unity but i want to open a thread for this so its official. i want to make black metal FPSRPGs with texture warping easy to make and play.

ultimate goal:
every bizarre ps1/ps2 era user experience trope like letterboxing transitions during voiced npc dialogue or EA TRAX is just a thing you can plug into your unity project no problem.

a .png with a style guide detailing settings to use for certain vibes:

  • movement speed and camera bobbing settings for LSD dream emulator, strafe speed from half life 2, recoil amounts from all your favorite little guns

i want independent game development to be treated like middle school hip hop production. torrent all the packs and shit and then make it your own 1000x fold, you’ll grasp the actual meaning of what you’re doing in time


if there was a way to copy all the actual game code (?) from sword of moonlight and put it into unity so the game could open web pages and play .mp3s



I want to make a game that looks exactly like xenogears but plays like an ultima, because I have very reasonable expectations for what I’m capable of


bookmarked this prophetic thread


more moods 4 this campaign:
code theft, secretly working on intellectual property law violations and then releasing final product anonymously to as many people at once before a DMCA strike. the failure of every fangame author is posting development updates to the public and doing press


my favorite game design book:


there is apparently a way to play abandoned dark souls maps from the source code in gta 5


working on a zine that will act as a manifesto 4 this and then i could show it to leftist gamer twitter and make friends

working titles:
gordon freeware
wario warez: detournement game$
requiem for-a steam (mario is saying it)
the kart fighter players manual



wow (at this guy’s voice)


Why would anyone do this


I imagine this is the sort of person that picks paper out of the recycling bin

smoothes out the wrinkles

says, yeah, good as new

starts writing in the single corner unused by the previous owner