Dungeon Game Thing WIP Babble Bubble


i honestly feel like the prevalence of mouse and touch interfaces is what basically caused the end of command-queue style rpgs. Mouse interfaces work better with a bit of immediacy and lack of deep menuing.

I think a lot of the UI is going to get changed; the test combat UI which works like Etrian is there which is nice for what it is but there’s no guarantee we will keep it.

I’m trying to keep characters relatively limited in purpose so they won’t have 800 skills like those games, so I think it might make more sense to just have each character’s combat action be a flat menu of some sort…

we’ll see, i guess! for now, i’m okay with old-fashioned.


i’ve been dev streaming, working on UI code, which is the most tedious thing imaginable, especially wh en you are tired beyond ability to think straight

enjoy a mockup of the status screen

idea is that there are left and right side panes and it swaps them out based on screen

eg, this is the right-side pane for a shop or equip menu. we could have a different one otherwise


will there be any inherent framework for an encounter system besides random or tile-based events

what range of sound (particularly music) formats are you expecting to support (or is already supported)

I am assuming you are intending for more basic visual feedback with party member combat status both before and during a combat round


encounters can happen anywhere. There’s even a scripting system, all it has to do is create an event that says “Start encounter named XYZ” and it will do that!

Music will be oggs, w/ segmented looping support when I get to it. Sound will be oggs or wav.

UI is a first pass, it will get jazzed up once we have a fully playable cycle. Probably. I hope.

did you know rpgs are a pain in the butt to write? i know now!

I got massively derailed the past few months and am forcing myself to stop slacking off now.




hi. i’ve had an extremely draining past couple days but yes i’ve been meaning to summarize things here

current status is that the UI flow needs to get finished. That is my goal for this month.

details for that will be forthcoming over the next week or so as I sit down and figure out what the heck I’m doing, and take stock of where my brain left off last year.