DRODLike, working towards demo release


If it’s music you’re after, why not ask one of the zillion musicians here on sbutt?


Run an aggressive lowpass filter on everything

Why not



I’m very reluctant to ask people for help.

Especially when I’ve been offered it before and squandered it for various reasons, from lack of knowledge on how to do the things I need to do, to life getting in the way, to just plain stubbornness. I want to pay people back for that still.

This project I kind of turned into a ‘I need to get back to basics and figure out what I’m doing wrong’ project, because I’ve had so many over the years I’ve fell off of or messed up or just… I don’t know. And I needed to sit down and work it out for myself.

So while I’ve been kind of “I need to do all the things myself” here, there’s a reason for me being that way.

That being said if someone wants to offer and understands that I really can’t guarantee anything, I’ll definitely think about it.


Heyyy so I linked this around the SB discord and I’ll link it here. Here’s the current build:


Every stage has optional ‘conduct’, you can configure visibility of this in options.

1-9 is an unfinished stage. It will not survive to final.

The map editor works fully; you can export by copy-pasting the url which automatically updates.

Here’s the snakey stage I made a bit ago, for example.

feedback appreciated. heck, make stages if you like, it’s cool.


i played a few screens, will play more when i get home! i’ve never played drod or anything similar but this seems really nice and very well learning curve’d so far! also the visuals are slick as hell



edit: closer look at ghost-chan



Played through it and it is very solid. The differences from traditional DROD still trip me up for the first few stages until my mind adjusts, but mechanically it seems to fit together fairly well so far.

If I had to pick my favorite stage I’d probably go with 1-7 as while it isn’t the most tactically complex stage it does a good job of forcing you to look at your shiny new parry mechanic and grasp exactly how it can benefit you.


thanks! yeah people seemed to like 1-7 a lot. I was surprised!

1-8 feels like i should probably remove it or make it more interesting but as a filler puzzle it isn’t too bad.

for reference, every stage has an alternate goal (the gold clear), by default it doesn’t tell you unless you pause but you can set it to be enabled

i’m going to change the UI on this


I got two of the gold clears which… I mean I’ve played a good amount of DROD so I should have done better but on the other hand anyone who has seen me play DROD would likely be surprised I got a single one so… we’ll call that a push.

With 1-8 I can’t tell if I should be waking up most of the dogs to cause a massive scramble and I’m just too good to fall into that trap, or if they constitute a red herring.


it is a red herring because i broke the stage in one of my edits and you don’t have to clear it the way you’re supposed to

i am not sure i like the stage anyway so i don’t think it matters, i may just cut it.

(you are not supposed to be able to take the upper path. there’s supposed to be a sleepy guard dog. i forgot to put it in that build.)



i wonder who this is~


added a bump animation for doing/receiving attacks and failing to move

maintaining your balance from outside your body is hard

status: all dialogue is complete, needs an editing pass but basically done

making new stages, still working on sound


20-turn cycle timer added to bottom of screen, when any timer-related elements are in the map.

But also!

we have enemy spawners! COMPLETE THE RITUAL

… or don’t, that might be a bad idea

also i’m working on new stages.

getting there. it’s still happening. just taking me awhile.


great momentum !! everything is looking good. godspeed you


boss fight*!

* boss runs away because not a complete idiot

finished 2.5 more stages. Just a little more.

edit: after i did that i decided to fix villain-chan’s sprites, she looks much better now



  • programming: 98% (need: minor tweaks, credits screen, finish stage export html5)
  • game scene art: 95% (need: lich idle, ghost intro, skeleton intro, stage clear anim)
  • ui art: 70% (need: character portraits, title screen)
  • story stages: 17/20: 85%
  • events, scripting, writing: 100%(!)
  • sound effects: 10%
  • music: 0%

cramming music theory the past week.


always impressed at diagonal sprites that aren’t awkward at low-res


the trick is to pick perspective for each body part that aligns with an even line ratio. even if you’re not on the exact angle it looks close enough that you can sell it off as stylization.

there’s a reason why my rotations aren’t ‘perfect.’


i’m happy how this came out.

aiming to finish all the anims up today!

edit: it appears the tables… have turned…

edit: like two hours later i realize that there’s a bug with the attack animation being delayed until after the ‘bump’. i have fixed this.

edit: spooky ghost lady is fully animated. she doe snot participate in any way so this is all there will ever be.


Stage Clear Animation

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