DRODLike, working towards demo release


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edit: it helps to upload the right version


force fieldsssss


prototype version before a friend pointed out that you don’t use dark outlines on what is fundamentally light:


edit: in game, lacking tuning/anim, i’m spent

edit: now animated in game


editor is now feature complete. well, as complete as it’s going to get.


  • mouse, keyboard, gamepad all usable
  • full undo stack
  • can switch into gameplay to test at a single button press
  • scene automatically updates to a valid configuration at every edit (eg, if you put a pit underneath a ground object, it nukes the ground object). no invalid puzzles.
  • have a local storage of stages, that you can scroll and edit at will.
  • import/export via url.
  • autosave while editing

gonna be rad.

so most future dev is going to be focused on new stages and graphics, rather than new code.

thank you all for following me on this wild ride, hopefully it should become something resembling Actual Game soon enough!





Not the most flattering preview image, it doesn’t exactly say “click me!”

but it’s a short video clip of the editor in action and how easy to use it is.



first pass(?) of bigsword

edit: I actually really would like feedback on this one, because you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at it in game.

edit: little more work later



quick catch it before selectbutton deletes it


I like the brighter particles in the first one a little better. The second looks too muted


Yeah, I had concerns with it being too hard to see against the ground behind it so I made them more solid, rather than relying on additive blend. Not sure that worked out well.

I might consider adding some ‘dark’ particles behind it to make it stand out more and then stack additive on top of that.


You killed that poor skeleyman for no reason at the end there :frowning:


well i can’t just leave the (water)walking dead hanging around unattended, it might trip on something

what i’m going to do for them: the analogue for the goblin enemy in this game will be gargoyles! they can fly over water but not pits, which will be a theme going forward for flying type things. thinking there will be a stone/sleeping like phase where it wakes based on line of sight, like the eyes.

they are actually quite interesting to fight right now when you don’t have bigsword because, uh, you can’t fight them, they just force you to move forward.



floor switches, colored to the barrier(s) they affect and with a small pattern on them so they can be more easily told apart without color.

left is reusable, right is one time only.

i have a layering issue to fix since shadows go under them atm oooops.

watchers, design might get redone

if one’s on a map they will switch the relevant barrier when all enemies of the given color die (eg defeat all red enemies for red barrier, etc)


I would perhaps have to see it in an actual stage to tell for sure, but I worry that the visual difference between a one-time-only and reusable switch isn’t distinct enough.


you’re probably right, i’ll tweak the outline on them to look different



curious about your reasoning on this one. is it the “vampires/demons can’t cross running water” trope?

why not make them like, mermen or somefin


because this way i only need to draw one set of objects

actually really wanted to go with the ‘can’t go over running water’ at first but realized that would be hugely confusing to people at a glance, especially since it’s hard to see the map ‘grid’ over pits, so i inverted it

also i already had designs in mind that fit that so


admittedly mermen would be cool so hm


time to draw the floors for the barriers

once i do that + make the enemyswitch altar things work the way they’re supposed to, we are Good To Go


Maybe if you gave the one time use items a different shape? Like a circle maybe? Idk they look super similar to the repeat switched.

It looks like it’s coming together, tho! I never played DRoD, but I’ll definitely play this.

Edit: is your depth layering working correctly? It looks like it might be funky after u switch some switches on/off