DRODLike, working towards demo release


So I might not be sticking with that amulet art for it but the ‘goal’ of each stage is going to be to reach the ward item, which will end the stage. Undecided on if I’ll have it insta-kill all enemies on the field or not, I need to actually do some stage clear UI and stuff.

Switched everything over to json instead of having some of it hardcoded, so pretty much anyone can write notes if they want to.

So what I’d like to do, long-term, is to have two goals for each stage. The normal clear, and a special clear that requires you clear the stage in a specific way. Like, “clear without turning” or “clear within X turns” or “clear without defeating enemy X” or whatever. Not sure I will list the special conditions by default unless you turn them on in options; but they’ll be on for successive clears beyond the first if you retry a stage after finishing it.

Also I support Japanese for these. Just create another instance of the note data with language:“jp” and you’re good. The font is ふい字P(HuiFontP), recommended to me by a Japanese developer friend.

more language support is pretty trivial but heck if I know any others.


first four stages!

gonna revisit the walls tileset soon i think. it doesn’t fit in now.

also probably add a variant obstacle like the trees for the dirt patches…


so uh.

i’m working on the UI/menus/etc and finally getting around to sound so uh.

i haven’t even thought about music yet and i have no idea what to do here.

time to mash buttons in beepbox or something i guess





i’m a genius!


oh no!




edit: going to toast this later, try it while you can~ http://mauve.sandwich.net/drodlike-tmp/ arrow keys move, spacebar passes, C key is undo, R key is restart. gamepad should work too but i forgot the button mappings so just press everything.


enemy-specific death messages

need stage intro/outros and then integrate sound/talky bits and then i think there’s a game.

also options menu…


brain is completely out of brains today so taking a little break and taking stock of what needs to be done next.

i was also notified of this:


not sure i’m eligible but giving consideration to it. couldn’t hurt I suppose. going to polish things up a ittle more first. maybe give the project a real name.


today’s work:

  • added a simple pause menu
  • user options now save/load correctly, particularly language
  • sounds effects are now hooked to play at certain events (footsteps, etc) if i ever bother to actually add sound effects
  • cleaned up asset code to be less crufty to use. Pack.GetAnimationByName(“animation_name”) is now Pack.Animations[“animation_name”]
  • cleaned up asset loading/unloading because unloading was actually not working, to my surprise.
  • then it actually did unload stuff which isn’t something i actually wanted to have happen, which was increasing load times, so i moved the scene data out to a shared abstraction that only reloads if it changes. (for example, if scene theme changes from our foresty set to something like a cave or an Ice Dungeon or something)

tomorrow: options menu.

increasingly not sure what to do about sound. i think i will get the demo together and then panic later.

nobody actually cares about meaningless daily updates BUT I’M DOIN’ 'EM OKAY. the march to a playable demo is real right now!


adding the important features.

stubbing out main menu, dialogue, stage select stuff tonight, might even finish some of it


So I played the version you got up and it is pretty snazzy! Looks good, I like the hopping around movement and it controls pretty responsively. I think my biggest issue is that I kept trying to treat combat like DROD combat, which resulted in me getting bit a bunch.

If I could make one suggestion, on the fourth screen that teaches you about parrying the approaching dogs actually scared me away from getting to the text explaining how to parry. This resulted in me retreating and figuring out how to defeat them in a conventional manner as opposed to learning how to actually parry.



the drod-style combat will be coming back soon! in a few stages. the idea is that you will unlock bigsword and then get a mess of tutorials on how to actually use it and what it’s good at. want to make it so there’s legitimately good reasons to use both and that choosing what to use when is something you actually have to think about.

and yes the parry stage has had the bulk of the complaints about it. i didn’t even realize you could clear it normally until someone told me. i’m going to think about revamping it once the rest of the tutorials are in.

edit: on a side note, that stage has a funny clear you can do right now: just don’t move from the starting position. at all.

edit: some other stuff that might be interesting:

  • there’s a three frame window on doing diagonal inputs with two direction inputs.
  • inputs are queued, and it animates faster if you queue up more than one at a time.
  • i accidentally left the level editor in on the esc key but it doesn’t work right in html5 so forget it.


disagree !!

looking good =]

if you’re able to i suggest clearing keyboard input on focus/blur – if you tab away while key input is read and then come back the input sticks.

i’d put a bit of horizontal padding on the scroll text as it’s hugging the left margin really tight.

the end-stage icon is a little bit indistinct? the screen wipe effect looks really great !

it looks and feels good, looking forward to more !


All the feedback from the test version has given me:

  • There was an order of operations issue with diagonal movement and ‘smart’ pathing(like the dogs have). This is fixed now.
  • The stage with all the dogs feels good but also that you should have more than one wave of them, rather than fighting them all at the start area. Will consider.
  • The parry stage can be cleared without parrying. This will be fixed.
  • The parry stage is generally unclear on what to do and the player is inclined to do the safe thing instead of the correct thing. I will almost certainly move stuff around here to make it clearer.
  • The Japanese language selection is broken on Chrome. This is already fixed locally.
  • Someone wanted a turn counter so he could optimize his movement. Something of the sort will happen here.
  • One person wanted controls suitable for mobile. I do not know what to do here.
  • A couple people have not liked the margins on the paper popup, so I will adjust that slightly.
  • WRT offalynne’s comment on the end stage icon: Yeah, I’m not happy with it either. Consider it placeholder for now until I figure out what the wards/seals look like.

Consistent positive feedback:

  • Everyone said it felt good to control.
  • Once they ‘got’ how it worked they thought the parry seemed to have a lot of potential.
  • Everyone likes how it looks. Even the wall tiles that I hate.

Thanks everyone who tried, it means a lot to me!

Have a partial implementation of the dialogue portions in but I just am not feeling up to coding tonight so I’ll probably doodle some tiles or something instead.



workin’ on a new wall tileset


needs adjustment still but i like it


edit: done


enjoy watching my iteration process


look, ma, no layering issues


added death unsummoning anim for dogs. will tune up at some point. need to add slashy anim.

new custom stage select is coming together. i will expose the editor to normal users.

anyway, march is basically over, so summary of this month’s work:

  • refactored asset loading/unloading to be much cleaner and easier to use
  • refactored rendering code heavily to allow effects, particles, fix shadows, etc
  • proper saving/loading of settings, data, etc
  • trees!! also new wall art
  • localization support
  • tutorial papers/sheets
  • demo w/ four stages (thanks again everyone who tested~)
  • fixed a rather nasty order of operations bug w/ pathing
  • added sound effect code, linked into all game updates properly
  • added music code (for JS only atm), also linked into game
  • pause menu
  • options menu with language select
  • started new custom stage select/edit code

what’s next? well.

  • finish custom stage select
  • finish dialogue engine for story bits
  • add more stages! i think 15~20 for demo sounds good and not too hard.
  • title menu.


gonna start posting stuff to twitter again. rt like and subscribe or don’t i don’t care.

status is that i finished custom stage select code, it’s user exposed now, but i haven’t skinned it up or cleaned up inputs yet.

working on story stage select and dialogue code, slowly. have been flattened by easter and other obligations.


snake.exe has crashed (into a wall)

so mine are quite different from stock drod snakes in a number of ways:

  • they do not chase the player.
  • instead, when they hit a wall, they choose left or right, whichever is closer to the player.
  • they can go over water and pits, and are only blocked by walls or trees.
  • when they die, they leave rubble behind, which blocks further usage of that tile.
    • unless they die over water or a pit, then it just disappears.

other stuff done:

  • custom stage select finished, though no art.
  • editor now has a palette on th ebottom of the screen, easy rotate/usage.
  • import/export of stages implemented on the back end. no UI for exporting yet, but can import via url.

exported stages are very minimal on data and as such are not going to have a lot of fluff in them. they are compressed, encoded to base64 and can be passed around via url. eg:


that is real stage data; specifically that’s the second stage of the demo. when you try to connect to the game with that in the url, it will ask if you want to import it to your Custom Stage list, and you can accept.

marching steadily towards 100% features


dialogue scripting engine done.

aside from export, which only needs an html5 ui, we are primary feature complete code-wise.

holy shit.

there’s a laundry list of tiny things i want to implement still, and everything needs to be skinned up still, so it’s not quite time to pop that champagne, but heck yeah

edit: here’s my personal todo list:

- stage intro
- stage outro

- export stage ui
- actually test story stage select properly
- actually test portraits properly

- add alternative clear conditions
- actually save/load player data (hooks are in)

- i need to take another pass on controls for real.

- the goal item kind of sucks right now
- add blocking walls for if enemies aren't dead yet
- turn count display/record
- editor
  - add select and delete tools
  - restart in editor should not nuke all your progress. make it undoable?
  - fix text align/fitting in editor
  - add an 'editor' thing to the screen popups
  - editordraw for things that only draw when in editor mode

low priority
- add 'dead' pose for dead player
- use localzation code for button mappings etc. eg <BUTTON:UNDO>
- buttons should have glyphs in the fonts so you get actual buttons
- imports should not replace identical stages; replace import crc maybe?
- textinput probably needs numlock support
- add mid-stage save support