DRODLike, working towards demo release


yeah i didn’t do a good job teaching things; it was about me trying to make sure everything could work in the game more than communicate stuff.

just remember: you can move diagonally



actually done with adding new object types now. they all have code, but no art.

so we have a player wielding a sword(skeleton) and an armor(skeleton) wielding a sword(skeleton)

skeleton ahead




edit: a few hours later…





i actually want a blue glow in the middle and maybe a slightly better idle anim or something but for now, heck yeah

objects sheet compiles to 256x2048 right now for some reason, i’m not sure why, my sheet compiler is weird


i’m always impressed with how much your art is improving. that animation is so fucking smooth. i wanna play a shmup with that very long and special boy as an enemy and shoot off all the little vertebrae

also i appreciate the intermittent engine programming posts, you’ve been doing this a lot longer than me so i’m curious about how you approach stuff


i actually kind of half-assed some of the animation because i figured nobody’d notice stuff that was in motion as long as the core pieces looked right. turns out i was right? the one that annoys me the most is the curve when it’s moving downwards and turns left or right, because the gap’s wider than the other pieces. to maintain the illusion of curvature. it looks fine enough and seems to help for readability.

there are a total of five object types, in four orientations each: Head, BodyF, BodyL, BodyR, Tail. headpiece has only idle animation, body pieces have idle + move + becomeTail, tail pieces have idle + ‘die’. every animation is 3 sprites each, played over 9 frames. (so an 8 px gap from idle to idle is +2px/frame!)

only the head actually moves, everything else just plays an animation and stays in place.

anyway month one of I Am Fucking Finishing Some Damn Projects This Year Dammit Agh has been a rousing success! to summarize:

  • internal screen flow structure cleaned up
  • saved data works correctly finally
  • map editor rewritten entirely
  • half a dozen new enemy types implemented in game waiting for testing
  • new art added and animated for the new snake enemy
  • all bugs i could find wrt animation have been ironed out


now i have to stop slacking off on the wizardry game so persona doesn’t get any more tired of me. i worked on this as a warmup for the bigger project, primarily.



alternating tiles makes the grid easier to sight-read at a glance while not being obtrusive or distracting

going to try to draw some grass/water/whatever tiles tonight i dunno. in a mood so not feeling like coding. hope i don’t create any new bugs.


so hello I am not writing code but still focusing on art style.


i don’t think i’m keeping this grass tile until i figure out how to make transitions that look nicer., i know i can make these less boxy looking, but i feel like i should go more stylized in general here and have less of a ‘natural’ appearance to things. much happier with how i’m drawing these days but need to learn how to stylize better.

dungeon game is my priority for everything for the time being so i’m taking a break here code-wise. going to work on puzzles and enemies/story/art here when i do not feel up to coding or the whim hits me.

i haven’t said much about story/setting, but i know what i want to do with it and how it’s going to happen. mechanically this will probably be integrated with Dialogue Boxes you can click/skip through at the start/end of certain story levels, with occasional tutorial popup. nothing complicated, most of which I can code in a day when it comes to it.

so the core setting that i’ve been brainstorming up for a couple years now:

  • magically animated constructs(green-type enemies) can be defeated either by simply destroying the physical form that’s being driven or by dispelling the magic that’s giving them motion.
    • skeletons aren’t really ‘undead’, they’re just animated by magic and the spiritual residue on their bones remembers how to move, so they’re just convenient to use for that.
    • for this reason, magical enemies tend to be rather on the unintelligent side, needing guidance.
  • demons(red-type enemies) are ‘summoned’ creatures. when defeated they are just unsummoned, so they don’t really die.
    • hungry for magical energy to sustain themselves, tend to hunt humans for more.
    • in general they take the form that people, in a general, non-specific sense, imagine they would look like. so demons throughout the ages tend to take different forms.
      • also tend to inherit the quirks they’re imagined to have, whether they want to or not.
    • only very powerful demons can summon themselves back, but at great cost, so they’d generally prefer not to have to do that.
  • going for a halloweeny, graveyard setting to start with.
    • the graveyard is tied to a rather messy underground complex, partially real partially magical.
  • protagonist is a demon bounty hunter type who’s investigating grounds where a seal was broken.
    • skilled, but more than a bit single-minded at times.
    • she’s good at fighting demons, but doesn’t really have any particularly good plans for dealing with magical(green) type enemies.
    • her sword is a family heirloom, silver-tipped for that extra burn.
    • isn’t good at dealing with magical enemies. you can destroy skeletons by crushing them, but she’s not really a power type.
  • one of the protectors of the seal is the spirit of a centuries-old priestess, set to protect the wards.
    • a bit of a dark sense of humor, but also relatively naive from having been stuck in one place for centuries.
    • she is highly talented in the dispelling of magic or demons, at close range.
    • she can’t move around from her shrine very much anymore, though. she knows something is very wrong with the wards, so when she sees the protagonist’s sword as a container for souls, she transfers herself into it, but finds herself bound to it.
      • when she is ‘dispelling’ the sword is very difficult to control, and the protagonist can no longer move swiftly. (giving an excuse for drod sword)
    • banters with protagonist a fair bit
  • the primary antagonist character is a lich. she broke the wards, but is only interested in acquiring more knowledge of magical subjects, and did so only so she could get a closer look at the rumored Lost Knowledge within, not knowing what was actually there.
    • smart and extremely nerdy, but actually quite cowardly and a bit prone to panicing and fleeing when threatened. values self-preservation.
    • liches are powerful sorcerers who have transferred their spirit to a phylactery, remotely controlling their body with magic.
    • she specializes in summoning and animation magic, and has no direct offensive power.
    • the protagonist duo mistakenly thinks she’s the real problem and needs to be taken care of, and start chasing after her.
    • she recognizes the dangers of a dispeller to her well-being and completely panics, running deeper into the complex, laying traps and creatures behind her in order to hopefully keep them away.
      • … breaking the remaining wards in the process.
        • oops.

yes i just want to have girls in this so what, y’all should know i am anime by now.

should i get past the demo phase i’ll introduce two other characters; the demon and someone who likes to tag along (unwanted) behind the protagonist. don’t want to do more than that, since i actually want to finish this.

the character names aren’t set in stone yet so i’m not mentioning them.

(the plan for me has always been to make a puzzle game engine so that i can eventually work my way up to a roguelike, and having a common setting will help with that, so it’s not like i’m just doing everything one-off here)




switched to corner tiles. alternating on x/y, unfinished, wip, etc


edit: there we go! i like this look. i might make the corner piece have an actual bridge or somthing though. maybe a slab of wood to go ‘HEY YOU CAN MOVE THIS WAY!!’



what’s fun now is i have to add pit<->water tiles if i want to use both and that is going to be a fun one! waterfalls into nothingness! but also not one i’m doing right now.

i’m happy with the new tileset layout personally, it’s still boxy but it’s nice to look at boxy now.


grass that i think actually looks nice!

getting there!!!

edit: actually really happy with this!

i mean, i could cut in the grass parts a bit to see through to dirt on the edges a bit more to give it a more irregular look and i think i will do that eventually but right now i’m just fistpumping that it came out as well as it did because grass tiles have been a pain in my backside for over a year now


grrrrrrr woof woof

also have a completely unrelated kagerou i’m not going to use

edit: with and without outline

like the idea, but feel maybe not monstery enough to actually use. needs to look more monster-ish i feel, so people don’t feel bad about squishing them.


thicker outline helps, but I feel like I should be thinking of alternative enemy types. going to push on with the rest anyhow…

oh well! enough edits for now… as always feedback appreciated etc



i actually drew a transitory tileset for water<-> pit but i couldn’t make it look nice enough, and then i stared at it without the transitory tileset and i was like… yeah, this is usable enough that’s cool.

big problem was that i would have had to have edges on water only for land and the logic on this exploded my brain.

so that’s that, back to enemy creation and bashing on UI for various projects.




edit #2: added self-shadowing, fixed some tiling errors. also: this is what i’m thinking of for the opening first stage!


just wanna say i’m really proud of that tree tileset. it is only 13 tiles!

i have a short list of stuff i want to work on, art-wise:

  • info box - you walk over it, info box pops up on screen with text + potentially images. probably going to use json for this. tempted to just make this a piece of paper or something so i can have general in-world notes written on them. might be a little too DROD-y like that though…
  • level clear tile - walk on it, level ends, yay! thinking ‘rpg save point’ here.
  • better walls - finally sick of my stopgap walls, gonna fix 'em.
  • sword - i overhauled the internal code so i can have particles just for this but i’m still not sure how to make the long sword look. everything i have tried so far looks pretty cheesy.
  • some new basic enemy types - wasn’t feeling the dogs. maybe giant spiders? everybody loves giant spiders.
  • actual UI - stage name, pause/options/main menus, etc.

getting there!!! it’s actually really starting to resemble a game now! maybe i can switch off to a real game thread soon enough…

this is probably first stage. using snake heads for level clear tiles for right now. will fix that later…

edit: a wild tutorial prompt approaches not at all


It is really amazing how your well pixel art is progressin!



bet the tutorial popup’s art is gonna be the best art in the game!!!


Clues scratched out by the bones of prior delvers?


notes written by an obnoxious yet cheery self-appointed guide NPC

current goal is just to finish up the tutorial stuff and make all the features i’ve been putting off forever tbh, there really isn’t a lot of work to do.

even just having the tutorial stages in place, playable, and properly scripted would do a lot for a first pass of the game.

also: i probably need to add sound at some point huh.

this game was intended as a learning experience for me, in a lot of different ways. so far, you’re starting to see the dividends of that now, compared to when i started way back on a whim back on sb 1.0. that it’s been so long has mostly been a testament to how much else i’ve had going on and how much of a scatterbrain i am, but also: learning new skillsets is hard.


who wrote this? it’s a mystery~

data for popup text is in json, it’s pretty easy to write your own or localize!

                    "To <Protagonist>:",
                    "The land here's a bit rough,",
                    "so you'll need to hop!",
                    "You can move diagonally by",
                    "pressing a diagonal input,",
                    "or by pressing two directions",
                    "at the same time!",
                    "You can do it!",
                    "- <Name>"