DRODLike, working towards demo release


I implemented most of the above to test how it worked out.

Unexpected but logical findings:

  • With movement biased towards either horiz or vert and no diagonal movement allowed, enemy groups move perfectly aligned with you. No idea how I feel about this or what to do to improve the behavior…
  • Dealing with swarms in open areas is now basically impossible as you can’t break them up and they surround you. I don’t necessarily think this is bad; might even be good for the game.
  • Two turns of enemy stun seems good for keeping an interesting balance going on. (technically 3 but the enemy update phase shaves one off immediately)
  • I have got to get on those new assets.

Some other stuff I did while I was at it:

  • I switched the update from being player-centric to being phase-based, which means it only fails a movement attempt if it is actually literally impossible. No more bumping into clones standing right next to you or having them get hung up on each other!
    • Side effect: Multiple player objects are now possible, but I won’t be doing this in main game. Maybe user levels could play with it.
      • I’d kind of have to add some logic for tracking ‘nearest’ player object though.
  • Updates now being performed in phases now means I can track certain actions independently. Objects can move before or after the player, or before or after other enemies, on purpose, without any complicated code.
  • Diagonal movement’s on a toggle so I can just flip it back if I feel like it.

When I piece together the new editor and get some test levels/assets for people to check out, I’ll probably post again. I will update the thread title when this occurs.


working on proportions again; this is not an actual character design

ended up a little more squat than i was originally wanting but i think it looks readable enough to use in game

edit: yoom and tenshi. if you’re at 1080p this is game res

edit edit: i am pleased with how these came out, next post it’ll be something to actually use for the game though


so with confidence that this is going to work, i’m taking the tiles i’ve done so far and going to start building into a blob tileset.



with 47 tiles you can create a full transition table from one type of land to another. The top is a chart of 48 tiles, with a spare extra 255 in case you need that, the bottom is a chart of 49 with 3 spare 0’s. Easy to work with!

the point of these charts is you can go yellow -> blue but not blue -> yellow, which is perfect if you only need that.

example from this site:

ok, great, but what about having more than two types?

so let’s say if we have a full set:
walls (impassible) > grass > stone tile > dirt > pit (w/ water overlay)

what we really have as far as tiles go is:

walls > dirt
stone > dirt
dirt > pit
grass > the transparent void, because it can just overlay neighboring tiles

so i will need four 47-tile sets to get everything. grass and stone can wait. So I’m doing dirt and walls next, yay.


i have been cheating a little and looking at what the pokemon mystery dungeon series does, because they also use 24x24 tiles. i’m not copying anything directly but i am definitely looking at the general ideas and principles behind what they’re up to.

so what i think i will be doing is breaking my 24x24 tiles up into 8x8 chunks and then piecing them together copy-paste style to get all the chunks i need. i could probably automate this process too! then i would only need to do 12 possible corner pieces in total and the whole set could be generated from there.

that’s my current project! feeling good about it!


i apparently accidentally deleted my post on wang tiles with an errant click and i have no idea how to undelete. why is there no popup verification on that? help

anyway, today’s doodling results

dirt tile, pit, 47-tile wang blob tile set for transition

enough to put in game but i want to have standing walls too first


cool stuff. touhou after gun control

maybe you already said something on this, but how do you feel about an (optional) explicit multi-stage tutorial, especially something that gradually unlocks player movement/attack abilities? I always assumed most or all DROD games gave you your full tool-set at the start, and taught the player by gradually escalating complexity and threat, but I haven’t actually played any, so.



drod has the optional explicit tutorial in every game and it sucks. you have to teach with gameplay. (edit: try kddl, you’ll see)

the way i am planning on doing tutorial content is to just give you everything and then have little popups that, when you stand on them, give you an on-screen help popup, for a few early stages. probably going to make it like a little circle with a question mark in it, like ff7 save points.

i literally do not remember what the complaints about the preliminary version were. wasn’t important!

edit: the newer sprite style looks better anyway


I downloaded DROD KDD last night and started playing it and it really made me appreciate this project a lot and understand it a bit more, I’m really hoping to see it come to fruition


i would honestly argue that KDD is the worst DROD game

JtRH is probably still my favorite in terms of pacing and structure


I’ve never played the series before so I just kinda jumped into it, and so far I really like how it works mechanically


mawaru mawaru

ok i’ll work on a real chara design now


Your art is getting way better. Specifically, the dot placement is really good, forms are readable and interesting.

Unsolicited advice - watch your color palettes and shadows. I usually move my pixel ramps (and I guess if I were doing transparent shadows like you) from “lit” to “ambient” light from the environment. Ambient can very faintly say something about the environment e.g. green ambient in a forest, red/orange ambient in a burning village, blue/purple ambient at night. In this specific case I’d probably just do a slight hue/saturation shift in the hair and sleeve color ramps, and depending on how you do your shadow, give it a slightly blue/black shadow.

If you don’t want to go into the sprites themselves, you can have an additive mask over the entire scene to fake the ambient colors. It’d probably be something like 0, 0, 16 over the whole screen.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about lighting and have accounted for those kinds of scenes, but for now I’m going to keep it simple, with the option of scaling up later.

spent some time fiddling with chara designs last night but not satisfied. Thinking that, since I’m reserving red/green for enemies, protag char will be blue&white themed with possibly some yellow trim. We’ll see.


wall tiles? needs work but i think the idea’s good. lumpier rocks around the edges + better innards


Just so my message is clear - doing ambient lighting and colored shadows on sprites isn’t artistic flair. It’s just a way to make things seem more natural. You don’t have to do it, but if you compose a full screen and you feel as though your sprite is a little disconnected with the rest of the scene, that’s probably the culprit.

re: Wall Tiles
These tiles look great. The bricks in the upper left/upper right corners seem out of place because they curve down while none of the other bricks seem to do that. I think the levels of chunkiness and randomness feel really good. I think the size of the individual bricks is as small and tight as you can go before you lose definition. And the repetition in the tiling seems like it will extrapolate to longer walls well. Last thing, the vertical bricks look like they would have flatter faces than the horizontal bricks. It might be fixed by making some of the shadows more apparent on the sides.

edit: lumpier rocks around the edges. i don’t know what you mean by better innards, but yeah, that will prob help yeah.


I am fully aware. Honestly that was my problem the first time around, that scenes didn’t composite together very well. I’m pretty satisfied that I understand how that works now and am going to have to do a cleanup pass on the palettes once I have enough pieces to fit together to make it worth my while.

The darkened area is just an alpha-blended black region as a general first-pass idea/concept and I’m probably going to clean that up either with a darkened palette or something more actually fitting for the area, since it sticks out like a sore thumb.


cleaned up a bit from last night; brought the side walls in a pixel, darkened the upper wall, outlined everything, added some grassy/viney overlay


looking good! need to fix the inner upper-right transitions as i had a bit of leaking when i copy-pasted but whatever


fiddling with a basic skeleton enemy design. also a possibility: since everything hops i could do jiangshi, that might be cool too

green aura is on purpose and there to indicate that (a) it’s an enemy, and (b) it’s a type that you need to ‘dispel’

player character is probably going to keep the blue aura on sword and maybe even amplify it a bit (i am probably going to make the sword itself look like a particle cloud of blue in front of her)


playing around with main chara design. anime ponytail reasoning: i want to cover up that dang elbow


New MC looks really good!


yeah, i’m kind of digging where this is going

made her head smaller, adjusted hair to be a little more even so it looks natural when turning left/right

to ahoge or not to ahoge, that is the question

i feel like the head is a little sparse looking and needs some sort of ornament on front but is otherwise fine; shirt needs some tweaking too


ahoge it is (for now)