DRODLike, working towards demo release



new goal item to replace the amulet. Also now you bump it instead of stepping onto it so try not to die.
(it doesn’t activate until the end of the turn)

might make it a little more obviously broken looking. it’s blue if you don’t fulfill conduct conditions, possibly going to make it emit particles to indicate conduct state.

took all weekend but all in-game assets are 100% done now.


edit: poof

i have made a discord server. I’ll be posting updates and builds and stuff as I sort all this out. I’d like to get started on this sooner rather than later.



  • 100% on in-game assets
  • 100% on stages
  • 100% on text/dialogue/scripting (will edit pass)
  • decided on character names.



Current build is unlikely to change much going into final; all known bugs have been addressed and cleaned up, stages are settled on, script has been completed.

Just waiting on portraits and music/sfx, which… well, I’m cramming ok. They won’t be great, but I’m doing my thing.

But probably going quiet here for awhile while I get on that.

edit: this is, however, a really good time for questions and stuff though.



either animate tomorrow or work on the other two



have been a bit under the weather the past week, but

  • inserted all jp text corrections from desuno
  • fixed all text overruns on all scripts
  • fixed A_CREATEOBJECT processing by separating editor processing; fixes spawn anim on undo
  • fixed mash protection on text advance.
  • put in placeholders for all portraits
  • improved lich portrait
  • first pass of other two portraits

this is very ‘who cares’ territory but it is moving along. i’m learning to do stuff as i go here so there’s a lot of experimenting and throwing things out as i learn.


some wip artstuffs that probably won’t survive

ghosty portrait, not happy with it

working on an underground tileset, actually pretty happy with this but it needs the other tile types to be ‘complete’


new character art

ghost buddies

tileset recolored, water redrawn

mystery character

new tileset planning

probably not posting updates here anymore. feel free to follow me on twitter or mastodon if you are interested in more frequent updates. thank you for the good times.