Dredd 2: RoboCop was a documentary sent back through time to warn us


Heard a report today on police using big data to monitor their entire community without any accountability.

Read an article today about tech billionaires trying to destroy the “simulated” universe to the benefit of nobody.

Now this.


Time to bring back the Robocop is Prophecy thread.

I can’t believe that when I was 12 I thought living in a cyberpunk novel would be awesome.

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That’s because when you were 12 you thought you would be the awesome rebellious protagonist, sticking it to the man. Now that you’re older and wiser, you’ve realized that you are instead getting stuck by the man.


Also, we were promised more available computer parts, cooler body mods, better VR and a lot more neon. Instead we’ve got stratified computer hardware, piercings and tattoos that are only just breaking into cyberware, incredibly expensive and ok VR, and modern architecture.

The Beigest Cyberpunk




My cyberpancreas is entirely outside my body and $5k+ and prescription only.

Where are my grungy back-alley cyberorgan chop-shops?

i walk around basically completely dependent on the portable computer i carry around literally everywhere

i guess i don’t really appreciate that enough

I’m more worried about keeping my phone charged than my retirement



In the 80’s and 90’s cybernetic body mods were imagined as an effortless way to become more then human.
If they were to exist now they would be exciting new ways for us to be marketed to.
I don’t want ad supported body parts.

being trans is some kind-of punk





Report on the next 20 years from the Joint Chiefs of Staff:


and some commentary:


does anybody else obsess how while scientists are dicking around with making chat bots more elaborate and thinking consciousness is somehow going to just arise out of that that maybe we already created artifical life with businesses and corporations and they’re now these evolved collective entity things that just use us for parts and get us to act in favor of them over ourselves.

has there ever been a sci fi story where aliens arrive and recognize corporations as the dominant life form on the planet and the only way to communicate is by sending them corporate memos or conference calls. if some guy tried just walking up and talking to them they wouldn’t know what to make of it anymore that if somebody who had an eye that twitched weird walked up to you and started talking normally but you were only supposed to pay attention to the morse code signals the twitching eye was sending out.


Kind of? Charles Scalzi wrote Accelerando which is a post-Singularity look at humanity and how weird it would get. One of the things was a system called Economics 2.0 that were composed of modified humans and runaway business corporation AIs at the planetary system core. They were only entities that can understand it enough to not fall victim to other players; it is otherwise incomprehensible. If you wanted to be 2.0 rich, you had to remove your humanity!

That’s about as complex a look as it got though; it was more of a plot point as motivation for the still sort-of-human entities to get out of the local area before they were deconstructed for parts.

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Grant Morrison’s Invisibles gave me a good intuitive sense of this thing I had known logically; our lives are collections of simpler processes, near indistinguishable as a category from the society we create.

I believe his intent was to capture the ego death of an acid trip


It was pretty scary and illuminating when I realized how easy wanting to be good at your job and help your team can be turned to evil because you delegate ethical responsibility, because you’re just trying to solve the problem set in front of you, because you’re just trying to win within the rules of the game.

I doubt it’s possible for corporations to not act as intelligent machines with a reproductive impulse, so it must be up to a separated government, of citizens acting as citizens and not workers, to organize civic life. I believe this is the truth of the early labor organizers demand for a separate, organized civic life, in the first Gilded Age when corps were demanding body and soul and childrens.


I’m sorry I’m not usually that guy