Dream Quest (and other deck builders)

Okay, one more Monster Train post. I just completed a run at covenant level 25.

I know there are additional challenges and that there’s some sort of “true ending” that they added with a DLC update, but I’ve reached the goal I was aiming for. For the last few rungs, I stuck with the faction combination that I was most consistently successful with (Melting Remnant and Awoken). I’ll probably go back and try some of the other combinations at higher levels, but not tonight.

Getting to this point resulted in Monster Train becoming my sixth most-played Steam game.


Oh hey it’s a-me

I never got great at that game if you can’t tell

I played it after playing a bunch of slay the spire and I think I was just deck buildered out. I should thrown it on the steam deck though just like all those other games I’ll definitely get around to because they’re on the steam deck

Your tips above are helpful!


Yo Monster Train does rock, I don’t have anything else to say right now but this feels very much like a danger game, I dig it


Monster Train is 80% off for a day or so.