Dream a little dream of you

I just had a dream where SB was a school computer lab and we were all playing modern video games on all these apple IIs. The people I know IRL looked like themselves. @american2004 was there and looked exactly like the dude in their avatar. At one point there was a ton of super loud gunfire noise and it turned out @Closed had left the room and accidentally left their volume way up on some online shooter. Everyone was like “Oh, Closed!” and the dream ended like a sitcom episode.


i had a dream about being an assistant for a television producer and i could tell all of their tv shows were going to fall apart. i was trying to tell them “hey, don’t take any big risks with the money you have, don’t do anything like that unless you’re 100% sure its all going to work out” but they didn’t hear me.

and then an rnb song about little fish in the ocean being killed came on and i started crying while playing with a deformed cat with 8-9 small toes on each paw and a baggy right eye socket. it began to meow the words “don’t cry, don’t cry” at me and then i woke up

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I saw somebody’s baby crawling off a window and playing around on some tree branches. I had to run over and pick it up.

I have a lot of dreams where something fragile and tiny that I don’t want to touch - like a small animal or baby - is running around these dangerous dilapidated houses full of nooks and crannies and sharp things and drains and holes. And I have to go grab it to stop it from hurting itself.

I can’t remember the last time I touched a baby irl, so whenever I pick them up in dreams they’re weightless and feel like squirming backpacks. One time I even grabbed one by its head to yank it out of some dirty water and it was fine.

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Every once in a while I’ll have a dream in which I’m playing Animal Crossing. Last night, I dreamt that I had my hands on the newest game in the series. It was cross-platform on 3DS and Switch. Both versions were 2D, with grainy pre-rendered 3D graphics, like Donkey Kong Country or Abe’s Odyssey. The switch version was smoother and high-res, but still had the grainy dithering look. You could play as an animal in this version, and I was a hedgehog very similar to Mabel or Sabel. I only remember vague details, but there was something about a romance sideplot between NPCs. The game took on a more realistic tone while maintaining the same cutesy pastel aesthetic. This means I had to go apartment shopping instead of being handed a home and a no-interest loan. I remember my player character falling into a severe depression, and not responding to my inputs.


Pacman 2 Crossing


I dreamt that they added Chingachgook from Mann’s version of Last of the Mohicans to Apex Legends and I was reading thinkpieces on whether or not his finisher–which used his distinctive blue gunstock war club from the film–was culturally insensitive?


idk maybe I’m a little Too Online lately


I just had a dream where I explained the plot of Animorphs to an andalite.


I dreamed that there was a PSP-exclusive spinoff of Ribbit King Frolf and was overjoyed, immediately going to work trying to think of ways to stream it to a TV and do hotseat with friends. It had a new course ON THE MOON, a course in a city, and new characters. Just this absolute gold mine of a find.

I awoke to the nightmare of a reality in which Ribbit King never got a sequel.


i’ve known you for like four years now and you’ve been talking about ribbit king frolf since maybe literally day one and i really hope you can keep it up for the rest of my days


It’s a good game

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On my way to visit a friend, I walked through an industrial area with warehouses and stacks of shipping containers. An 18-wheeler held a particularly large container. An enormous dark gray crab was tearing its way through the metal from the inside to escape. Someone explained to me that the crab had a large network of followers and planned to eradicate humans.

At my friend’s apartment in a high-rise building, we were planning to play board games. Several other people were there as well. I was impressed at the size of the apartment. Each room was uniquely and impressively decorated.

We planned to go out to dinner before we played board games, but it took me a while to find my shoes. Several times, I thought I had found one but on closer inspection saw that it was someone else’s. In my search, I stepped out onto a fire escape and found that a young man lived there. He wore a Spider-Man shirt and was lying on his sleeping bag. He explained that he had to be quiet so not to be detected by those seeking to kill everyone.

By the time I was ready to go, almost everyone had already left. One of the guests was [a member of SB], who explained that they liked visiting this friend because the building seemed safer than other places. I noticed in a mirror as I was leaving that I had long hair. I was surprised because I’d never had long hair before.

I brought one game with me in case we decided to play before we returned to the apartment. It was a small box of dice that were also tiny mice running around. A tiny television screen in the box showed an educational video about breeding cats.

Outside, we were walking past a construction site. Pedestrians were everywhere, and I encountered a couple I knew. They handed me a board game they’d borrowed from me. I joked that I appreciated it but it was a pain to have one more thing to carry as I made my way across town.

I reached the restaurant and found that it was quite expensive-looking. I ordered my food but rather than wait I had to cross town again. I hoped to be back before being served. I considered taking a taxi, but that seemed too expensive. After walking a few blocks, I entered a bus station and bought a ticket. To reach the bus, I had to squeeze under a low table and lower myself down a sort of drain in the floor.


dreamt about a sandbox mmo where class selection was done in the initial quest of kirby kicking you off a cliff into an underwater cave beneath a resturant. in multiple trips through this starting zone, you’d collect sufficient amounts of sand from each colour of the rainbow and select a given kitten-fish alternating between two pulsating colours. the end result, of course, is that you’d access different magic schools from the infinite fruit pies generated by your pet kittenfish doing tricks around a rainbow sand pillar.

I think my brain is too gay, somehow.

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Had a dream that I was in a hobby lobby and saw an older man walking buy with a full cart, and sitting on the top of the pile of shit in his cart was a yellow box, sized like…something you’d put a third of a ream of paper into or something. Anyway, on the front, it said:


meat bowls

And it had on the front a picture of this thing that looked like a tiny cupcake tray, but each hole was domed in smoothly (instead of being cupcake shaped, so it made a bowl instead) and had a happy face on the bottom that would presumably be imprinted into the bottom of the meat bowl. Each bowl was only like an inch wide, so very small.

I asked the guy where I could find one of these, and he pointed me to an aisle. I wanted to read the box so I could find out who the fuck was making a tiny meat-bowl-making-tray called Happy Meat (meat bowls) and what they were even intended for. Unfortunately, that aisle did not have them, but I met 2 or 3 other people ALSO looking for Happy Meat (meat bowls). We asked a Hobby Lobby employee if there was another place we could find them and she pointed us in another direction.

Once there, we did not find the Happy Meat (meat bowls) there either, but found a directory that pointed us to yet another aisle.

(The directory said there was a whole category of these, but spelled it “Meet Bowls” which is somehow even funnier to me)

The group of people trying to find Happy Meat (meat bowls) was growing larger, maybe 10 now? We were all obsessed with the idea and basically started tearing apart this aisle, but found nothing.

I ended up breaking away from the group in my search and ended up in a creepy basement. It was full of dimly lit hallways with lights flickering on and off or rooms lit entirely in red or green, rusty doors, stuff like that. Silent Hill.

While I wandered in the Silent Hill basement, I became convinced that Happy Meat (meat bowls) was not a real product, but was instead some sort of memetic virus that was infecting people and making them obsessed with finding it. I was also convinced that I had been recording the entire thing with some sort of camera implanted in my eyes? And that if I played the footage backwards, it would be different from what actually happened and would reveal some sort of deep secret about Happy Meat (meat bowls).

I ended up escaping the basement and ending up in the refrigerated food section of Hobby Lobby (obviously). I left the Hobby Lobby and went to sleep. Woke up the next day to meet with some family (none of whom are my family in real life, of course). I started telling some aunt about the Happy Meat (meat bowl) saga, but she kept interrupting me to say that she was going to find it online. This happened to everyone I told, and they would become obsessed with finding it.

The moral of this story: if you ever see something called Happy Meat (meat bowls), then look away quickly or you’ll become infected. Also tell me where you found it.


Why does NOBODY talk about how Shinji has stretchy powers like Plastic Man in the new Netflix dub of Evangelion???

I had a dream that twin peaks season 4 was a jrpg that made heavy use of fmv cutscenes and had charlie day playing a major character. And that everyone here adored it.


I dreamt recently that I got out of bed and stepped on a razor blade, that somehow got embedded in my big toe through one side and out the other.
I was then presented with three on-screen options for how to get it out: Options A & B were to pull it out through one of the sides it was sticking out, which was supposedly slower and more painful but less damaging. Option C was pull it out the bottom, which would be quicker but would slice the toe open in the process.

I decided to ask Select Button for advice on which option to choose, but it devolved into a debate, with at least one person saying not to help me because it would be furthering the gamification of real life or something.

Then I turned into a Fantastic Dizzy/emoji with legs style 2D sprite and fell into a bottomless pit and died. When I respawned on my next life, my toe was back to normal


Also, this morning I dreamt that there was some new kid’s CG animated film coming out, and the director announced that a famous person would be playing the voice of a character and “I think you will know who it is as soon as you see them”.

The character was some kind of tractor with a human cartoon face called Hasseltrough or something, and he would only speak in Green Eggs and Ham quotes.

The movie included a song about disabilities, which made me go “Whoa, I don’t think they should be making fun of that”. A voice responded to me saying “We’re not making ‘fun’ of it, we’re making ‘FUN’ of it!!”
The word ‘FUN’ was displayed in front of me made out of children’s toy building blocks and other toys, with confetti and fireworks.


i had a dream that i found a map of the sonic adventure universe. zoomed out 100% it looks like a picture of elvis presley with stretchy, wiggly fingers and a really fucked up face

when you zoom in more there are two planets, earth and neptune. when you zoom in on earth you find out there’s a bunch of smaller planets inside earth. i didn’t look inside neptune

i hate that i had this dream. i wish i never had it


i was flying around a @thecatamites game space with huge offcuts of foam blocks strewn about the land, and i had to grab one big enough and get it cut to a particular shape so that some like, big monstrous semi-antagonistic figure could use it to… stamp something else? idk. a bunch of vaguely stressful stuff happened while i was finding a suitable chunk, and i needed to pee. then i woke up needing to pee!

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I had a dream about repelling two separate home invaders, one which was just A Guy, the second was some kind of Golem. I was able to ward off both thanks in part to having a premonition of each home invasion moments before it happened.