Dream a little dream of you


I just had a dream where SB was a school computer lab and we were all playing modern video games on all these apple IIs. The people I know IRL looked like themselves. @american2004 was there and looked exactly like the dude in their avatar. At one point there was a ton of super loud gunfire noise and it turned out @Closed had left the room and accidentally left their volume way up on some online shooter. Everyone was like “Oh, Closed!” and the dream ended like a sitcom episode.


i had a dream about being an assistant for a television producer and i could tell all of their tv shows were going to fall apart. i was trying to tell them “hey, don’t take any big risks with the money you have, don’t do anything like that unless you’re 100% sure its all going to work out” but they didn’t hear me.

and then an rnb song about little fish in the ocean being killed came on and i started crying while playing with a deformed cat with 8-9 small toes on each paw and a baggy right eye socket. it began to meow the words “don’t cry, don’t cry” at me and then i woke up

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I saw somebody’s baby crawling off a window and playing around on some tree branches. I had to run over and pick it up.

I have a lot of dreams where something fragile and tiny that I don’t want to touch - like a small animal or baby - is running around these dangerous dilapidated houses full of nooks and crannies and sharp things and drains and holes. And I have to go grab it to stop it from hurting itself.

I can’t remember the last time I touched a baby irl, so whenever I pick them up in dreams they’re weightless and feel like squirming backpacks. One time I even grabbed one by its head to yank it out of some dirty water and it was fine.

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Every once in a while I’ll have a dream in which I’m playing Animal Crossing. Last night, I dreamt that I had my hands on the newest game in the series. It was cross-platform on 3DS and Switch. Both versions were 2D, with grainy pre-rendered 3D graphics, like Donkey Kong Country or Abe’s Odyssey. The switch version was smoother and high-res, but still had the grainy dithering look. You could play as an animal in this version, and I was a hedgehog very similar to Mabel or Sabel. I only remember vague details, but there was something about a romance sideplot between NPCs. The game took on a more realistic tone while maintaining the same cutesy pastel aesthetic. This means I had to go apartment shopping instead of being handed a home and a no-interest loan. I remember my player character falling into a severe depression, and not responding to my inputs.


Pacman 2 Crossing


I dreamt that they added Chingachgook from Mann’s version of Last of the Mohicans to Apex Legends and I was reading thinkpieces on whether or not his finisher–which used his distinctive blue gunstock war club from the film–was culturally insensitive?


idk maybe I’m a little Too Online lately


I just had a dream where I explained the plot of Animorphs to an andalite.


I dreamed that there was a PSP-exclusive spinoff of Ribbit King Frolf and was overjoyed, immediately going to work trying to think of ways to stream it to a TV and do hotseat with friends. It had a new course ON THE MOON, a course in a city, and new characters. Just this absolute gold mine of a find.

I awoke to the nightmare of a reality in which Ribbit King never got a sequel.


i’ve known you for like four years now and you’ve been talking about ribbit king frolf since maybe literally day one and i really hope you can keep it up for the rest of my days


It’s a good game

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