Dream a little dream of you


Had a dream that I was listening to early episodes of snexploration and thinking about how I’m a much better host now.

My dreams are mostly boring.


i had a dream from software released a compilation of games made by an intern they had in 2000, all of them were haunted. the intern left after a month and then went missing and never found for some reason like “he wasn’t a japanese citizen so the cops didn’t care”


I played a pinball table that required me to stack multiple balls into a vertical tube. It then told me to guess the volume (?) of the collected balls by comparing the total volume to that of an item on a list of completely arbitrary items, like “bag of rice” and “small TV”


There’s a challenge in Katamari Damacy that requires you to have an exactly 10m Katamari but takes away the HUD to show you when you get there.

When you pause the game, it tells you how large your katamari is in terms of arbitrary items, like Fried Rice or Telephones.

Here’s a guide that shows you exactly how many Fried rices (and other items) it takes to make a 10M Katamari:



Let us know when you have a dream where you listen to a future episode of snexploration.


Dreamt of sifting through ancient Game Boy archives like some fantastical library. All of the GBA cartridges were smoother and looked more like miniature Famicom games. They had minimalist labels, often just a small sticker featuring a random character portrait that didn’t fully fit the label area on the cart. I found a secret forgotten anime fighter port that played like Guilty Gear but with original characters.

I played the “small woman” character who was just a generic anime girl in a very simply designed sundress, and every time she threw a punch her arms would grow three times the size and gain massive muscles.

Oh, I also found an infinite blockstring, and there was no pushblock analogy in this game. Clearly the designers of this imaginary GBA fighting game didn’t put a lot of thought into its mechanical balance.


I remembered multiple dreams last night. One of them was very vague: I tried to take an elevator down to the first floor. I kept waiting for what felt like a full minute before I realized it wasn’t moving down–it was moving up, to the 13th floor. I looked for the ground floor button and it wasn’t there anymore. I thought to myself, “This is fucky, time for a reality check,” and went to count my fingers, but as soon as I held my hand up to my face I noticed it was mutilated and reconfigured, with only two fingers present.

I knew I was in a dream, but when I looked at my hand I was completely shocked, and I heard a stock horror game jumpscare sound effect coupled with my vision getting hazy. The lights in the elevator started flickering and wavering in a spooky way so I was like just like, “Fuck this dream, I’m out.”
I closed my eyes until I woke up.

After I fell back asleep, I was in a large vertically-built school building, which I had to descend in the darkness while avoiding guards and evil hoodlums who wanted to capture me for some reason. I got all the way outside, and just as I started running a cop arrested me.

There were various other dreams of me hanging out with my friends in Minnesota, playing games, drinking, cuddling, etc. Normal boring gay shit. At one point we played Super Smash Bros., and I was playing Firebrand, who played a bit like Ridley except way cooler.


My uncle who works at Nintendo gave me a beta version of the Red Arremer DLC for smash, can confirm this is true.


Did he have super armor and a giant sword, like in my dream?


that was the ultimate smash


I had a dream where I was stuck in line for ice cream at a movie theater behind Jim Davis. He looked exactly like Jon Arbuckle. He kept eagerly looking around with the vibe that he was trying to make eye contact with a stranger so he could engage with them. He turned around to face me and said “Hi. I’m Jim Davis. Creator of Garfield!” He seemed like he was hoping I’d be impressed, but I wasn’t. I gave him an unenthusiastic “Hi, cool, good job,” hoping to indicate that I was in line for ice cream, NOT to talk to a mediocre cartoonist.

At that moment, Jim Davis reached the front of the ice cream line, and the cashier asked what flavor he’d like. He responded “Hi, I’m Jim Davis, creator of Garfield!” and just stood there and stared at her smiling. She returned his stare with dead customer service eyes and repeated “What flavor would you like?” He somewhat bashfully said “vanilla.” The whole time he had this very insecure vibe, like he was desperate for validation.

Finally it was my turn to get ice cream. After I ordered, I looked around to see Jim Davis approaching a random group of teenage girls, undoubtedly to brag about making Garfield.


just dreamed that @nocode’s flatmate crashed at my place for a day or two. i somehow forgot to set up a bed for her so she just curled up on one of our small uncomfortable sofas. then she was getting a lift to the airport with someone and i hitched along for a while. when i alighted i was in a park with a handful of picnickers, and my family was there. one of them had a d20 and one of them had a MAGA hat. oh no


i had a dream that i met katie dey but our names got messed up somehow so she was kata gray and i was mari dey

i prolly had this dream because she tweetliked a selfie i took the other day and i am an awful gay disaster


oh i’ve been having so many weird dreams in our heatwave! but they don’t involve SB ppl for the most part… though it looks like that was never a condition of the thread, and i’ve been holding myself to a lie


Yeah my thread title was misleading I just thought it sounded nice


I attended a Smash 64 contest with all of the friends and acquaintances I cut ties with.
I won by a landslide and they kicked me out. It was very bitterweet(?)


you’re too good for them


Ultimately it was the right decision to cut off people with no neutral game


I’ve never actually read this thread (sorry) and just come in here to CMD +F my aliases and see if anyone’s dreamt about me.

Seemingly no one has – or if they do they’re dreams too steamy to share in public – so I don’t like any of you anymore.


I think I did, but it was just your voice in my ear telling me about how this is the greatest game of all time, because I had been bingeing snexploration squad lately