Dream a little dream of you


Apologies in advance for violent oaths re: “these fucking nonsense buckle-crafting rules!”


Dragon clothes were super cute btw. The dream took place in the world of the RPG and it was just Marina and I but I could hear Tulpa and Shrug’s table talk

Shrug thought we should rob the monks and I was against it for some reason


Had a dream that I was a detective and Id been ordered to assassinate someone. Me and my target ended up in a john woo standoff and we both laughed it off.


Had a dream that my sister was a baby and she shit on my hand.


had a dream where I was alternately observing @feminaridens2 trying on different hot-swappable leg sleeves for an outfit in a strange, gallery-like changing room whilst talking to a woman and inhabiting @feminaridens2 during the same in a sort of being john malkovich way

there was no overall mood or vibe, it was just a casual thing that was happening

@feminaridens2 I don’t know why you were in my dream and why I was briefly you in my dream but in conclusion I’m sorry


A dream I had recently seemed to be about a Viggo Mortensen ghost trying to get inside my house, so I trapped it inside a thin cardboard box for TV’s that was full of other sheets of cardboard. Apparently arranging it just the right way turns it into a kind of fly paper for ghosts


Legs and ladies, this definitely checks out as my kind of behavior.


opioid dreams of someone posting pictures of a single card from a game called Helpful Wizard System looking for more info


I had a dream I was scoping out a haunted house along with Gorblax and a few faceless dream-compatriots and my only source of light was an old fashioned glass oil lamp. Some of the ghosts inhabited area rugs, and so these were summarily rolled up and tossed out the back door.


I had a dream a couple of nights ago that seemed to be about some kind of meme convoy racing across the desert like it was a Mad Max movie. The main vehicle was full of these famous memespeople, and the dream seemed like it had some kind of live comments stream, where all these teenage boys were losing it over seeing their favourite memepersons doing their thing. One of them was an Asian guy in black clothes called ‘Tox’, apparently because he is ‘Toxic’


Last night I dreamed that I bought a two-pack of coveralls. One of them was brown, for work, and the other was white, and more geared for dressup or so the intention of the packaging implied. I was wearing the brown ones, trying to tell someone they were Official Taylor Swift Brand, part of the new Taylor Swift Coverall Collection, and I didn’t know what to do with the white ones. The price had been so good for even one pair of coveralls, but white wasn’t my color, so what do I do with the white ones? They couldn’t understand what I was telling them re: the T. Swift branding so I was thinking “if only I had the white ones with me to show them the tag.” Dream insert shot of the tag with Taylor Swift’s name on it. I didn’t think of showing them the tag on the ones I was wearing.

That was my dream about wearing Official Taylor Swift Branded Coveralls.


I had a dream that I was trying to stop a cult in a snowy town full of chumps. The cult was run by local community leaders. I mean, it was basically hot fuzz in the snow. The whole thing took place at night.

cw: murderin’

I was pretending to be a part of the cult and hanging out near a barn. One of the cult leaders murdered somebody, not sure why and I can’t remember the method, and I had to pretend it was totally cool. A cop showed up, so the murderer (a squat plaid-wearing guy of about 5’9", kind of looked like Jimmy Durante) folded the dead guy up and stuffed him in a bucket. The cop apparently did not notice the folded-up dead guy in the bucket and left. The murderer told me he was just going to cover the body in snow and it would be gone by spring, no big deal.

I left the barn and was like “fuck this place.” I found myself on a bridge - it was snowing, the street lights were that sodium orange like they used to be instead of the white LED lights that they have now. I jumped off the bridge and flew away - maybe using a device, maybe I had wings, I can’t remember.

I was soaring through a (now orange) sky. I met a huge flock of pink dragons, all of them babies and about the size of a horse. They weren’t flying, they were being carried by large ovular bubbles, just like…regular soap bubbles but huge. Suddenly we met an even huger flock of adult pink dragons - some of the bubbles popped and the babies started to fall, but the adult dragons caught all of them and let them ride on their backs.

There were other creatures as well, but I can’t remember them. Possibly flying whales.

The last thing I remember was the joy of flight and the strangeness of hanging out with some very chill, very pink dragons.

this feels like an appropriate end-of-year dream


I had some dream about smoking real cigarettes. I can’t remember the context, I just know I saw like, 2 full packs of cigarettes lying around and was like “yeahhhhhh”


Dreamt that someone blocked me for accidentally liking a NSFW tweet on my main account and this was devastating for some reason


were they packs someone just left out in public or were they in your domain. i would have that same reaction if i just saw two free packs of cigarettes outside a vegan restaurant or something and pocketed them


I had a zombie apocalypse dream except there were no zombies. Most of it was spent in a treehouse. Then I went to McDonalds


I had a dream that @Felix and I were watching @Father.Torque own bones in some edition of Street Fighter online. Sakura was his main.


Sakura: checks out
Owning in SF: definitely a dream


Several years ago I had a dream where I ran for president under the name “Flamingo Insect” and didn’t win, but put in a surprisingly decent showing.


Left out in public.

I have actually found 2 packs of mostly full cigarettes in my life, just like, sitting on the ground. Guess in just lucky.