Dream a little dream of you


I dreamed that I played Soul Calibur III in an arcade. I’m glad I woke up.


Last night I dreamed something about being part of some special team fighting against terrorists led by a villain with a giant ultraman looking helmet. When we unmasked him, he turned out to be some Hollywood star like Roy Scheider or something, and he was super depressed and no longer willing to fight. However, a space truck full of 1970s style bandits like the ones near the end of Sorcerer showed up and started gunning everyone down.

I managed to escape from the space jungle back to the white house, where everyone was dealing with a crisis situation. Except for Donald Trump, who went out the back to play on his Thomas the Tank Engine ride while muttering angrily to himself.

He somehow got flung over a fence into a pool, so I held him underwater until he stopped moving and then tried to casually walk back inside. Some security chief guy started asking me questions about whether I had seen the president and I tried to shrug him off but he kept following me until I sat in a cafeteria.
Then he leaned over to a kid and said “do you know what I hate the most?”
“being lied to?”

Then I knew that he knew what I had done so I quickly left and tried to find an escape route. I needed the toilet first though, so I went to a restroom and when I sat down, the security guy peeked over the top of the door and said “gotcha”. Then I woke up


Hahaha, wow. The ol’ shit just got real, but I really gotta take a piss, first!


The other night I dreamt that I managed to get a screwdriver for those old Nintendo screws, and so I was opening up some SNES carts. For some reason I was commentating on the process like I was making a YouTube video. One of the carts I opened had a really tricked out PCB with all sorts of flourishes, fancy-looking chips, and a really colorful logo in the corner. My reaction was “Wait this is a bootleg!”, followed by me looking at the label on the outside of the cart and realizing that the slipshod label art was a dead giveaway of it being a bootleg.


Had a dream last night in which my mother showed me a large map of the world, with a number of dots on it in different locations. It turned out that each dot was the location where one of my ancestors was shot and killed. It seemed heavily implied that this was the fate of many men in my family and shouldn’t be surprised if the same happened to me, and my dot joined the others.


I woke up this morning and it turned out my boyfriend and I both had memorable dreams. His: we were researching mermaids on a submersible craft and he was sad because we didn’t have breakfast together. Mine: I was sort of 2nd person observing an actress try to get to a film shoot after her ride flaked. While trying to navigate a dream bus system she ran into a giant who was looking for his wife. Through the power of photo metadata and image auto-syncing he tracked her down and was reunited with her and their child, who was a giant swaddled smartphone with limbs.


i had a dream someone on sb was a 60 year old german woman who hosted lectures on experimental film and afrofuturism. i went to a lecture where she had explained that her edit of a 70’s horror film about evil puppets contributed more to the intellectual field of study pertaining to chrono trigger than any essay could ever do or something. i watched the edit and it kind of made sense. i hate chrono trigger


Last night I dreamed that I was back working at my previous job in the supermarket, but I had forgotten how to use the finger scanner to sign onto my shift. So I had somehow accidentally accessed a game where you have to use the keypad to input coordinates, and then scan your finger to launch nuclear missiles at your opponents


i just got smoothies with a stranger while on a field trip with the cast of queer eye. molly crabapple was going to speak at another cafe location in about a week, according to the menu above us


I had a dream with The Rock. He was on tv news, running, in real life. In wide shots, he appeared normal. But, When the camera panned down his body, he had four feet. With 3 left side big toes on 3 of the feet. Even though one of those feet was otherwise a right side foot, of two right side feet.

And the general sentiment was phew, The Rock isnt perfect after all. Because of those three left side, big toes.

However, he could still out run a tidal wave. Which is why he was running at that moment.


See Rock.

See Rock’s three left feet.

Run Rock, run.


idk if this sort of thing appeared on him of all people I would assume it was a mutation that would prove to be better adapted to the post climate-change world/a general sign of his overall absurd mightiness

just another aspect of his perfection

soon we’d see a public bank of dwayne johnson sperm so anyone who wanted a chance at a child with four feet (three of them left feet) would be able to partake


ok that or his body had finally started reacting poorly to all the steroids :woman_shrugging:


So today I dreamed that I had somehow come across some amazing macguffin that could change the world (maybe some girl who somehow was/ possessed that amazing macguffin, it’s a little unclear) and it was apparently extremely public knowledge and I got interviewed about it on national TV to where I said something maybe half in jest about maybe I won’t use it but I’ll just sell it to somebody else to use for megabucks.

As I watch this interview on TV in a restaurant I’m eating at somebody walks by and slips me a newspaper page, on it is a message to me with accompanied with a bootleg 80s/early 90s manga looking illustration of a girl and a some weird knockoff Zeonic mobile armor thing written by the Chinese government proclaiming I shall provide them the macguffin in exchange for megabucks, OR ELSE.

This apparently isn’t my first time dealing with the Chinese government like this because my immediate response is “Goddammit China, are we really doing this shit again?” and then I look around and remember I was eating at a Chinese restaurant and I’m getting the stink eye from everyone else there because of course they’re all Chinese and the public proclamation has now made me the enemy of Chinese people everywhere because or course that is totally how people work.

So practically rolling my eyes I pay my bill and leave, as I get in my car and head down the parking lot to the adjacent grocery store I see a man in coveralls riding alongside me on a zamboni, a Chinese man, naturally an assassin. So I floor it and he gets behind me and now the zamboni has an excavator arm on he front somehow as if trying to grab me even and I’m just wondering why my car is moving so slow and I look at the speedometer and it reads like 70 and climbing but there’s no way in hell we were doing more than 35 and I am totally aware of this. I reach the grocery store and contrary to the “high speed” chase going park and get out like nothing is really happening and walk to the entrance, the assassin is very accommodating to all this and parks as well then he gets off and draws a pistol.

I’m not really concerned for whatever reason but before I do anything John Kerry leaps out of nowhere wielding a tiny little .22 revolver and fires on the assassin with ridiculous big gun sound effects, the assassin jerks on the impacts and ends up firing his gun as he falls dead, the bullets come right at me and I just casually lean out of the way, but someone behind me takes all three shots to the chest. That person is Donald Trump as he stand there frozen for a moment, his whole being a drawn caricature with each impact point visible as the bullets left exaggerated whirpool like swirls in his shirt. He then falls with this insanely overwrought death that I mostly ignore and move inside, moving through the panicking people at the entrance who seem only concerned with the gunfire and not the death of the president(maybe he was’t in the dream?).

Inside the grocery store is some smoky crowded mess, part grocery store, partly a market made up of canvas stalls, and part dingy casino or something, I head for the asian food section because that’s where the cool Chinese people who can give me more info on what exactly China is up to are so I can plan my next move. Then my cat knocked something over and I woke up in one of those really tired states that result when you get yanked out of a particularly active dream. Though I’m not sure the wonderfully lame DTV action movie is really all that much activity.

Then I went back to sleep and eventually dreamed me and a dude I knew in kindergarten and haven’t seen since were as adults in the mid 80s hanging out a factory making Masters of the Universe figures, remarking how amazing we would find it all if we were our appropriate ages for the time.


Banging a circle punch into an anvil would make it blunt as h*ck, use some softwood buuuuuuuuudy




also when you use punches, chisels, etc. on an anvil face you usually put a plate of mild steel down so you don’t damage the hardened face (of the anvil or the top tool)

or you use the step

or if you’re really worried about your top tool make the bottom plate copper




I’m so sorry


ohhhhhhhhhhh i get it now

i said forge instead of anvil

got it got it

…i bet the tops of forges are hard though, could use it??


I had a dream that Shurg, Marina, and I were playing a RPG campaign run by Tulpa. It was… vaguely Asian themed? and seemed to mostly revolve around monks who make expensive clothing for dragons.

We wanted to get a dragon friend a 20-foot belt but it was too expensive for us


Alright fine I’ll run this game one day