Dream a little dream of you


I had a dream that one of Bart Simpson’s hijinks went too far and when he was hauled into principal Skinner’s office to get cuffed by Chief Wiggum, Bart pulled a gun on them and bolted. The rest of the dream was a first person, Bart-narrated (but like, Adult Bart looking back on his time on the lam) Parkour escape chase. He eventually got into such great shape he started participating in 5ks.

What the hell.


yeah but where was i in this dream

  • Sector 7B
  • Steaming Hams
  • Qwik-E-Mart

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For some reason this reminds me of the George Jetson dream I had, where there was a pixellated ghost staring at me outside a window, and was trying to tell George about it but I couldn’t because everytime I did, my brain would get an electric shock. George mostly just looked uncomfortable.


Last night, I dreamed that I was in a real-life Dark Souls experience. Two friends were with me, though their identities were vague. We stood in a park-like clearing and could see several areas to explore in different directions. To our left was a forest castle guarded by tall knights in brightly-colored armor. Realizing that would be too difficult for us, we instead walked straight ahead.

When an enemy approached, I threw the small axe I carried. It did some damage, but did not stop the assailant. I realized that I had been unwise to throw my weapon, and had to dodge while my two friends did the fighting. I had a vague question in the back of my mind: although this experience was patterned after a video game, could I actually be killed?

I’ve had one other Dark Souls dream in the past that I can remember. When the game was new and I was spending a lot of time playing it, I dreamed that I opened my front door and a car stopped in front of my house. The car door opened and a figure dressed in black rags sprinted straight at me, presumably killing me. I think this was inspired by the undead assassin enemies.


Dreamed I spent money last night so naturally I half-consciously checked my bank account this morning


I dreamed I was talking to the pope in a Target and during our conversation said “Jesus Christ” in an exclamatory way. I apologized quickly but he was like “eh it happens”


Second dream in a row in which I lose a gunfight to Patrick Stewart


Just give up


I did tell him about this dream, he was kind of miffed you didn’t think he’d be into a forge when he would, in reality, have taken any forges you’d part with


i would get a forge so i could use it as a hard surface to cut out POGs using a circular…cutting thing…that i bang with a hammer. Got any spares shrug?


Tell him I’m sorry. Maybe my subconscious doesn’t know people I’ve never communicated with in any way and about whom I know next to nothing otherwise as well as it thinks it does, sometimes?

you engineered this post to give me a heart attack


I was in a bathroom that was sort of like my bathroom in a shower sort of like my shower but everything was much bigger. There were more showers and many dudes. A dude came in, and he was a lot like the slender dude who does amateur MMA from work, who had his forearm destroyed by a kick in a fight shortly after I started working there. In the dream we all somehow work in the place attached to this bathroom with all the showers. I have finished my shower but it won’t drain, and I’m fiddling with Too Many Controls to try to convince it to drain.

I keep letting more water in and the base keeps overflowing. This imagery is probably influenced by the latest D&D session?

The end of the arm of the MMAish dude is opened up like a flower. His hand has been split open and his fingers are sticking out in all directions. His forearm is like Popeye’s, but with this wound bloom on the end of it. He’s showing everyone. Inside is a hollow with a gnarled, pink, skinless, nascent hand. He says “they opened me up to check on the progress.”

At some point I dress and enter an adjoining room that’s sort of like my bedroom, but bigger. Someone who is my cousin, but resembling none of my actual cousins, is there with many children. The children climb all over me. I don’t remember what we talk about.

In a room that’s like the main room of the SB Meetup House, but bigger, and with the furniture rearranged to point in a different direction. People are Playing Games. Eventually everything coalesces into a single team-based competitive game that everyone plays on their phones while updates appear on the television screen. People drift in and out. There are children, mostly just pre-adolescent, who are also playing. There is a a sort of mario-themed death star trench run w/ disembodied sniper backup from teammates that culminates in a one-on-one fight which I lose to @ferrets.

Then an anonymous little boy takes over the reigns for my team and he beats her the next try.

I realize it is very late and I’m very tired and I stretch on the floor with a pillow that suddenly appears, hugging it, rolling around, trying to get comfortable, hoping everyone is ignoring me. I wake up mimicking these actions on my blanket.


I’m flattered to be in your dream and more flattered that it accurately depicts me winning


An odd sort of Invasion of the Body Snatchers combined with going back to school and then running off with two built guys that I don’t know in real life but in this dream I sort of semi-trust to get all three of us away from getting grabbed. I escaped from the back of some sort of coliseum whose door inexplicably was in the middle of it’s height.

I eventually ended up on a confusing boat/spaceship that could hermetically seal itself from the outside world but the quandary was we had too many people there and not enough life support to do it forever. And then we sealed it because of some reason.

Elections, man, they do weird things to your head.


I had a dream I died in a car accident and was forced to wander the earth as a restless spirit. My friends and loved ones cried a whole bunch and I woke up really sad.


had a dream I was reading a story written by Woody Allen that was just relentless, wall-to-wall dunking on Sean Penn and I didn’t know if I could let myself enjoy it or not


just woke up from a dream where i was in japan and ran into @Rudie, who had knee-length hair, bought me a breakfast hot dog with egg on it from mister donut, and then showed me a copy of gran turismo 3 with damage modeling and 10 more rally courses


What. A. Dream!


I dreamed I forgot Haley at the Great Clips and was too lazy to pick them up so I just kept sending them texts like ‘You want me to pick you up?’ and when they responded I would send, ‘Ok, I’m on my way.’ I did this for four hours and eventually they stopped responding and I was like, ‘Jeeze, I hope Haley’s ok,’ but I was too lazy to go look for them.

Also I had a much nicer apartment.