I enjoyed that episode way more than the parts would suggest. I think it’s easily Chibnall’s strongest script yet, and it just felt like everything finally clicked here.

Continuing to enjoy the procedural group problem-solving in every episode. All the Ian Chesterton stuff here about teatree and peppermint oil, vinegar, and so on. The blunt yet necessary environmental/anti-capitalist message. All very Barry Letts, this week. Still trying to Do Good, Responsible Things with the show, which I am going to stubbornly respect no matter how awkwardly it’s handled.

I like the choice of Noth as the Trump expy, for a few reasons. One, he just pulls it off well. Two, as a pretty high-profile US TV actor who is clearly out-of-place in Doctor Who, he lends a tangible level to the “You’re that bloke!” factor. Three, Bradley Walsh played the Jerry Orbach role in Chibnall’s Law & Order UK. So there’s… yeah.

People complaining about the slight plot, that once again fizzles out. But, I’ve gone on the record many times to declare, fuck plot. It’s a means, not an end. And I like what the story structure allkws for.

Once again the antagonist just wanders away or vanishes, like this is The X-Files. This has to be going somewhere, right? It can’t be a coincidence at this point, narratively.

Four episodes in, and still no BEMs. Unless you count Tim Shaw, but he’s basically a humanoid antagonist.

I like this version of the show. I like the points it’s making about how the show can be put together.


I got a big kick out of Ryan hanging out in the background completely out of focus making spider shadow puppets in the lab.


Yeah I have a hypotheses that The Doctor and co. are going to have to face off against a team up of Tim Shaw, proud boy, not-trump and some others at the end of the series. The Legion of Douche, if you will


I love how Future Proud Boy is so clearly soft, and trying so very hard to be hard. As bullies will do. But he’s so bad at it.

I read where someone compared him to Mac from Always Sunny.



I put together a completely credible 4th Doctor costume to wear last night, complete with screen-accurate 13 ft (?) scarf.

A buddy asked if I was dressed as Wes Anderson:/


Should have said it was Tim Rogers.


That must have been the most “yeah, it was fine” episode ever. Refining the art of doing nothing embarrassing yet nothing inspiring either. At least some good character moments, and lots of Whittaker bumbling around like an adorable ass. Great set design also. And continuing this procedural figuring-it-out business, and no-real-villain business, and escaping-antagonist business.

If last episode was very Third Doctor, this one was rather Fourth Doctor.

I mean. There’s stuff to talk about, but I’m on a virtual keyboard.

Next week is the one that really intrigues me.


i really liked demons of the punjab. just a totally solid human interest story. probably one of my favs


I’m pretty broken up over it, honestly. I haven’t been this moved by the show before. Then again, I’ve been doing a lot more crying lately in general.

I’m tempted to say it’s the best thing the show has done.

Knowing that this and the Rosa Parks episode were the seeds of this version of the show, it says a lot.

To my mind this is the first real triumph of the era. I’ve been very impressed with how the show has managed to avoid fucking things up so far, even things that would be supremely easy to fuck up to the point they would seem inadvisable to attempt. But in the end, most episodes have hovered around “Yeah, that was fine.” Last week’s being the epitome of that. Nothing wrong with it, against all odds. It was just… fine. But this one feels like a treasure, to me.

The next few weeks will all be other new writers. So that’s promising.

Next week’s, is it… an anti-Amazon story?


i thought kerblam was mostly kinda okay until the weird message at the end.

like did they literally say “the system isn’t the problem” about this weird all consuming megacorporation? i guess i felt politically about this episode like i felt about black panther in that they worked to hard to make the very correct villain a villain. “we’re shutting down for a month and giving our employees two weeks paid leave” almost sneaks by you. weird ep


did anyone mention in one of the recent eps the doctor said she saw hamilton over 500 times? I just about threw a shoe at my tv when that line dropped. Can there be a hard ban on awful pop culture references in doctor who? They’ve always been the worst.


Yeah, the system still killed an innocent person in an attempt to prove a point and no one batted an eye at that. It seemed like a decent almost complete episode outline was drafted, then the evil person on the writing staff was alone with it one afternoon and connected all the hanging bits in the worst possible way.


I sort of admire how resolutely Chibnall refuses to make a show for “fans” (which would be folly after Moffat anyway), the problem is that like only 1/4 of these are good on merit


It was a great production, reminiscent of The Long Game and Gridlock, as well as season 25 McCoy, but with a bigger budget. But yeah, the message was weird neoliberal anti-labor garbage. I hate it. It’s totally out-of-place and makes me mildly angry.

A shame, because it’s such a stylish, neat-feeling piece. Everyone else worked so hard at this episode, but the script is irresponsible trash.

(And how unrealistic, allowing that worker a bathroom break in an episode about Space Amazon.)

I knew it was going to be regressive based on the first three minutes, though, in that clip they aired the other day. The script just… screamed Glorious Status Quo. And it was!

I have no clue what to expect from next week, but the details leave me a little nervous. Witch trials and Alan Cumming? Is this going to be like a Gareth Roberts/Mark Gatiss historical, or are we going to do something worthwhile here?

To date, I’ve generally been relieved when the episodes have aired. Until today the worst they’ve been is… uninspiring, but fine, sure. And occasionally better than that. (Last week’s was great! Not even on a curve.) This mess has set me back on my guard again, though.


i shamefully admit that i liked the pokemon go gag on that christmas special


let’s pokemon go to the tardis


The Real Monster Is Man Except For The Teeth Head Guy He’s Just A Regular Monster™


That episode is straight up evil.

And the fez is Doctor Who’s version of pepe.

I said mildly angry, but the anger keeps growing.

I don’t like this.


Just caught up earlier today and its astounding how the current producer of doctor who always manages to be the most middle aged out of touch neoliberal white guy producer ever. Like I thought we were past this now that Moffat was gone, but it seems like it only took a few episodes for Doctor Who to slide into embarrassing reactionary schlock that literally cheerleads for the brutality of capitalist wage slavery. Kerblam was unbelievably awful.