It’s curious just how much influence it seems to have had on the modern-day show. If anything, the tonality of this episode is probably closer to the TV movie than to anything else in prior Doctor Who.

There’s all the location night shooting, of course. But also the cinematic direction, the grimmer-than-it-probably-should-be story.


A rewatch confirmed that JW is my favorite doctor since Eccleston. And will almost certainly replace him as “my doctor”.

I much prefer “I’m sorry you all had to see that… Thanks Grace” to “Top layer, if you want to say a few words”.


Such a change also from “I’m sorry; I’m sho sho sorry.”


I’m reserving judgment until I see some more lighthearted episodes, I think

I like the softness and the dialogue closeups

feels like Moffat is fully gone at least



Sad to see a sci-fi fan who’s fine with multiple hearts and body-changing but can’t handle mpreg


This episode is sort of a grower.


So I just realized that the dude from Lair of the White Worm was the last Doctor. Don’t know how that didn’t occur to me sooner.


haha his scenes in lair of the white worm were great


Wasn’t aware of this one.

Yeah, though. He was in a bunch of stuff, and was usually one of the best things in whatever he was in – but he was one of “those guys,” you know? Like, you’d gradually come to realize, oh, hey, it’s that guy again. That guy I keep seeing. Who is he, anyway?


Episode three should be pretty interesting.


new intro rules. it’s probably my favorite one


I’m hoping for either super lofi video feedback coming back, or at least for the floating head.


Yeah, I love how inscrutable it is – like the old howlround ones from the '60s. And it doesn’t screw around. It says, “This is gonna be uncanny,” and then it goes away.

I really liked the episode, too. Best “first alien planet” story to date, I think. Easiest point of comparison is The Daleks (at least the first episode thereof), but this has more to it than that.

It’s also way more satisfying than the first episode. Making it another high water mark for Chibnall. Good on him.


I’m really digging the overall aesthetics of the new series, from the music to the cinematography (shooting anamorphic was a great choice) to the production design.


Yeah I dont even feel a vague queasy embarrassment about liking this, its just fully actually good


I think that’s what they were going for. The show was starting to swirl back down the fan woo tube, and turn into a joke to the mass audience as it had been before 2005. The switch to Sunday – the “proper prestige drama day” – is surely a part of that also.

Which is important in the sense that the fans will watch anyway; they’ll just complain louder if they don’t like it.

I’m very interested in how they handle next week. This will be the test. Real, proper drama, or middling sci-fi above its station? Guess we’ll see!


Looks like they’ve hit that mark pretty well.


(Just want to specify once again that the Capaldi era is one of the show’s all-time peaks as far as I’m concerned. But, it’s definitely also one of its eras that gives the fewest fucks what anyone thinks of it.)


and 10 was simply a lot less engaging than 8 or 9 and Moffat was starting to fall back on Smith-era plotting

Pearl Mackie was wasted and Matt Lucas was often unwatchable, I’d rate it below most of the other post revival series apart from (obviously) 7 and maybe 2