Paul whitsun-jones, playing the Marshal in the Mutants, but the resemblance is striking


Spent too long trying to find a clear shot of one of those BNP humans from Wall-E; said fuck it.


has lady doctor started yet


October, probably.


I just rewatched “Rose” yesterday and whoa, was the doctor being casually, screamingly racist to Mickey towards the end, or am I misunderstanding the “keep the domestics outside, thank you” jab?


i think you’re misunderstanding and that he was referring to Mickey being Rose’s boyfriend. he doesn’t want to deal with their relationship drama. that’s how i always took it anyway

following the twitch watchthrough of the old series has been a lot of fun. They’re up to Davison now and even though that’s an era i often don’t care for (and the start of the show’s decline until McCoy’s run pulls up sharply at the end) i’m getting a lot more out of his performance than i did the first time through. he’s very good at funny little asides and subtle physical mannerisms


That’s what I was hoping. Eccleston’s Doctor is a favorite of mine and I didn’t want that to change


Should I have been following this twitch thing? Can you watch it without the on screen chat BS or not? The internet scares me. Streamers scare me. Memes scare me. True behind the sofa stuff.


i’m pretty sure you can hide the chat, and you can always fullscreen the video. i like watching the chat because yeah, memes (there’s a lot of quoting the repetitive era trailers), but also it’s fun to see a mix of people who have and haven’t seen the episodes commenting on them

You’re past the golden era of the show at this point unfortunately, but i highly recommend checking in for the remaining Fifth Doctor stories (especially Enlightenment, which is delightful) and the whole Seventh Doctor era

here’s the remaining schedule for anyone who cares

7/12 - Terminus // Enlightenment // The King’s Demons // Warriors Of The Deep
7/13 - The Awakening // Frontios // Planet of Fire // The Caves of Androzani

The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker
7/16 - The Twin Dilemma // Attack of The Cybermen // Vengeance On Varos
7/17 - The Mark Of The Rani // The Two Doctors // Timelash
7/18 - Trial Of A Timelord

The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
7/19 - Time And The Rani // Paradise Towers // Delta And The Bannerman // Dragonfire
7/20 - The Happiness Patrol // Silver Nemesis // The Greatest Show in The Galaxy // Battlefield
7/23 - Ghost Light // The Curse of Fenric // Survival

Sci-Fi Sundays
7/15 - Torchwood Season 1
(lol torchwood)


of what remains, I recommend:

7/12 Enlightenment
7/13 The Caves of Androzani

7/19 Paradise Towers, the cliffhanger from the first episode of Dragonfire
7/20 Happiness Patrol, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Battlefield
7/23 Ghost Light, The Curse of Fenric, Survival

The stuff on the 20th is honestly somewhat weak but its worthwhile especially if you can get down with high levels of camp

Enlightenment is my favorite serial of the fifth doctor era and kind of represents a shining beacon of ‘what could have been’ for me.


Domestic incidents. Everyday drama. He says elsewhere he “doesn’t do domestic.”

Mickey was actually written as a white laddy lad, but casting and performance changed how things developed.


Jodie Whittaker is Speedforce Pizza Delivery Service


I hope she’s really into pizza.




And you know, for all that effort it still looks cold.


People were pissed that an Auton liked pizza. What’s wrong with everyone!!?



I don’t think this team has a very good handle on trailers.


gdi im so ready for jodie


gdi curse of fenric is just the best