Fuck, you know.

That fucking celebrated speech in The Zygon Inversion – which is all Moffat; his contribution to the thing – always bothered me, and it’s been eating at me more as time goes on. The whole message of that story, which basically is saying to immigrants, stop whining and assimilate – I’ve been trying to reconcile it as just being a bit off because everyone involved with it was a middle-class middle-aged white man, so try as they might it made sense that they’d not completely get the nuances of what they were talking about.

But no, this is just some fucking hard-centrist neolib bullshit.

I’m a little bit angry at myself for giving this guy the benefit of the doubt these last few years, merely because his writing had improved. He’s still a shit.

I want to like the speech because of the passion of Capaldi’s delivery, but everything about it that doesn’t involve Capaldi’s acting is kind of horrific.

And… I don’t think I’ve ever seen another person raise this issue. When that speech gets mentioned, it’s only ever praised or dismissed as self-indulgent. Not addressed for what it fucking is.

Incidentally, have you noticed how much of Moffat’s writing consists of a bunch of people silently standing in place, looking at the main character for minutes at a time as he talks at them?


idk if you watched Coupling but half of that show had the same setup


People talking at each other for minutes at a time?

(And over-using the words “shut,” “up,” and “stupid”?)


yep yep!


Yeah, his students must have really loved him.


I mean, if nothing else, Chibnall comes off as far more gracious and kind that Moffat ever has in his best moments. How that will translate to storytelling, who knows.

I like that the costume is basically all Whittaker, as translated through her long-time costume designer. All the rainbows, the light and bright colors, the unusual cuts – it seems safe to imagine that this is informed by her take on the character.

Got to wonder, though, about the Doctor’s decision after 2,000 years to have a go at ear piercing. Will that be addressed on-screen?


I mentioned the latter point on Twitter, and someone atted me this:


holy goddamn shit i had no idea how much i needed punk Twelve in my life.


The Titan comic range is genuinely pretty good, most of the time. I haven’t really read any since mid-2015, but what I did read was at least as good as the better DWM comics, and better than most of those. I’d put the Tenth Doctor Titan stuff up with the DWM Davison and McGann runs.

The Twelfth Doctor stuff I’ve read didn’t do much for me, as it was overly constrained by what was on TV at the time. The Eleventh Doctor stuff has its positives, in particularly the new companion Alice, but it’s all over the place.

Haven’t read much of their other DW material, except the initial Eccleston miniseries, which was dull but fine, and some of the McGann stuff, which is just kind of there.


Does anyone know what to make of Britbox? Is it any good? How’s the interface, the quality of the masters they’re using, quality of the stream, value for money, all that jazz?

'Cuz they’ve got all of the surviving Classic Who, except:

  1. Any even partially incomplete serial (except, see below)
  2. Any Dalek serials after 1966, save (for some reason) Death to, Genesis of, and Destiny of

So, about missing episodes, they only put up completed serials, and it looks like they don’t have access to any of the specially commissioned DVD animations, e.g. for The Reign of Terror or The Moonbase. The only incomplete serials they have on there are the ones with animations or recons commissioned outside of the DVD range, e.g. The Invasion, The Web of Fear, and The Power of the Daleks.

BUT, they’ve commissioned exclusive reconstructions of some missing material, starting with The Wheel in Space, and they plan to put the surviving audio tracks up where applicable. So that’s interesting.

Still weird about the Dalek serials. I know there always are rights issues with Nation’s estate, but c’mon.

I’m mainly asking because I want to see that official Wheel in Space recon. The Loose Cannon one is already good, but the most recent version of that was a few years ago.


(shakes fist) NATION!!!


I mean, it does kind of follow that none of the post-Troughton Dalek material written by other authors is on there, leaving only (ostensible) Nation material.

But, Nation also wrote Planet of the Daleks, and that’s missing too. So, I’m not sure what the reasoning is for any of this.

I guess it would be easier to say, it’s only got the Terry Nation credited Dalek serials – minus Planet for some reason, and plus Power, I guess 'cuz the animation is new and they worked out a special deal for it.


“You said I would like Brighton. Well I do not.”

If City of Death is my favorite old Who story (and it is), Horror of Fang Rock is easily my second choice.


It really is an idealized instance of its form.

I’m not so hot on most other serials in Fang Rock’s model, but this one is just so focused and relentless. It’s almost like a proto-Carpenter story.


So the first two confirmed pieces of casting for the Rosa Parks episode are her husband and a lawyer.

A emotional support figure and a historically accurate member of the bar, neither of whom made it onto the pop culture postcard version of the bus incident, do not make the episode sound like breezy romp of most New Who historicals. (“Just walk around like you own the place, my delicious blackamoor.”)

Could Chibnall be approaching this as an actual piece of historical drama?


Anyone in on the #London1965 #HeKnows action?


What’s this, old Who episodes streaming on Twitch?


Yeah, 86% of the surviving content is running chronologically, over seven weeks. They do about 16 episodes a day, repeated twice, then move forward.

They’re the best available masters for once, too. So The Aztecs got the revisited DVD master, and so on. Which really showed how old the Dalek Invasion of Earth restoration is (20 years now).

It’s had a good viewership so far, never less than 6-7,000 at a time and peaking around 14-14,000 for moments like The Rescue. The communal meme factory has been in overdrive, pulling both from the absurdly repeated trailer “We made it! London 1965!” “The one with the white hair” “I know! Believe me, I know!” “Round and round…” and close attention to the episodes, as when Barbara urged Ian to “open the flaps” and he agreed to try.

People have been shipping Ian and Barbara hard there, with BarbarIan only briefly giving way to MothIan when Ian went on a sort of date with a Menoptera lady.

So far The Web Planet has been the clearest success. Twitch cocked up the stream yesterday, delaying the serial by four hours; in the meanwhile the viewing numbers and their ire grew and grew, with everyone shouting “WE WANT ZARBI! WE WANT ZARBI!” – and then exploding with glee and excitement when the stream finally switched over. The Web Planet was for a short while the #2 trending topic on Twitter, baffling and dismaying several old-school fans who had no clue why but knew they hated the serial.

The kids adored it, though. They went absolutely mental for Zombo the Zarbi. This was the clearest winner of all the stories thus far, and they were already engaged and into this. Several serials later they still hadn’t forgiven Barbara for shooting Vicki’s pet alien rawr thing, Sandy, back in The Rescue.

Then around midnight EST came the end of The Chase, and at long last the realization of #London1965. And it was such a party.

There will be more memes. After mopping up some straggling post-BarbarIan Hartnell stories, the abbreviated Troughton era starts on Tuesday. With it will come a new trailer, new catchphrases, and doubtless a shift in viewers. But #London1964 was an experience.


Everyone at SB bump ass meetup should be required to cosplay as this guy.


Isn’t that Ian Levine