Dope Box art


Those Sim City boxes are fantastic!


No idea what A-Ressha de Ikou is but it looks rad.

Wait - is that A-Train?





Too bad this was idea factory’s last game before they went out of business


s-l1600 (6)2


Oh yeah :t_rex::sauropod::boom::gun:




I thought I was being an innovator when I came up with Yanik Magnan presents Yanik Magnan’s Salaryman Triathlon, Based on the Hit Podcast Segment, a game where you must compete in all three salaryman activities: horse racing, pachinko, and mahjong

BUT ALAS Japan has beaten me to my own game


Daikoukai Jidai II / Uncharted Waters II

Boundary Gate - Daughter of Kingdom

Popolocrois Monogatari

Twilight Syndrome Saikai

Linda³ / Linda Cube


it’s not a box art, but the japanese print ads for loaded (which was localised in japan as blood factory) have awesome new art for the characters!


germs: nerawareta machi


cw:nude bodies


this looks like a completely incomprehensible meme


have you seen the game itself? it is an incomprehensible meme


“Like many other games of its genre, Germs features an internal clock that runs six times faster than real time”

Like many other games


Whoa there it took me a second but that’s pretty NSFW.

I approve! :+1:


I am pretty sure I might not have parsed the naked bodies if I hadn’t been told


Crying: Aseimei Sensou (Bio-Hazard Battle)


Are they hitting the floor or the ceiling