Dope Box art


What game is this?


i think it’s golden sun 2?


(Drift King Shutokou Battle 2)


the coolest art of my favorite fighting game


dragon quest i-ii gbc


I found out today the extent to which konami put producers on their box art in the ps2 era. All of these covers are actually really lame but I think the idea is cool. Even the most tossed-off kusoge gets a producer on the front of the box like it’s some prestigious thing


Until recently, they had been doing the same on the marquees for their arcade games. Then they not only pulled mentions of the producing staff from the cabinets, but also stripped out all credits screens from their games.


Stripping out credits? That’s some dark anti-labor practice.

Are crediting standards very poor in the Japanese mobile game industry?


Dunno about mobile games because I don’t pay that much attention to them, but most arcade games I’ve played in the last five years eschew credits screens altogether. As the network-enabled arcade age made games have more complex systems and limited time events, about a third to half your playtime is spent in news screens or menus now, so credits were the first thing to get the boot.


Game :clap: Devs :clap: Must :clap: Unionize :clap:


Let me tell you all the traction I’ve gotten in my conversations…

QA guys have naturally been the most supportive; they’ve gotten the most screwed. As short-term contracts have moved up from QA and into designer/artist/engineer jobs, maybe we’ll get more takers.

Still, IGDA remains well-intentioned but mostly useless. I’d love to see it start fire-breathing, actually – you guys deserves better – rather than its meek offer of discounted access to training? There are murmurs of it acting as group purchaser for health care which might be tangible enough to get its numbers up to raise its voice.


Biggest problem with any discussion of unionizing is convincing people that it’s ok to rock the boat (and unfortunately I’ve yet to figure out a consistent way to provide that conversation). Employers always have too much power though, no two ways about it (and the problem in that chain farther up is capitalism generally).





illus. by Shinkiro




Can we get a romanized title?


anata wo yurusanai