Donald Fagen / Dan of Steel


Both of these were bands that I just didn’t “get” for years. I adore (certain things about) Fleetwood Mac now, but still haven’t come around on Steely Dan


Twin Peaks

diplo how do you feel about like, Standard Smooth Jazz

My dad lived on this stuff, but I don’t think he ever even heard of Steely Dan.


I’d always assumed Steely Dan was some country-rock band or something.


The things you think are precious I can’t understand


Ok, I knew there was a missing link between my tastes and Diplo’s tastes and I MAY HAVE JUST FOUND IT! But we’ll see.

Nicholas Krgovich is a current day indie musician who does super sparkly, jazzy, hi-fi 80’s style pop that I adore. And it uses that aesthetic to portray loneliness and obscurity dreaming of fame and glamour, a lousy aspiring actor gazing across the water at a marvelous Hollywood party on the opposite shore.