Post your favorite inspiring game dev documentaries, GDC talks and postmortems here!
Discuss them! There’s a lot of good stuff out there, old and new. It’s cool to reflect back on how the classics were made and also how modern successes (by whatever metric you prefer) ended up as they did.

I’ll start with the classic Making of Riven. I hadn’t watched this in a while. I love seeing the decisions they took to make Riven, some of which would likely be pure madness in today’s AAA landscape. Which ones paid off, and which ones were “a nightmare”


the way sato takayoshi talks about character faces and emotions and shit is incredible. i’m trying to imagine whoever designed ratchet and clank going like “so like aliens are usually clammy and hairless… and no ears… but… ratchet is kind of like a cat creature… this concept whittles me down to the core of my soul and essence and brings me back to the exact moment of complete and total infantile innocence. truly, this is life.”


i always found these videos by @spinach uplifting.


I used to really be inspired by Indie Game: The Movie and Gaming In Colour.

Now I can’t really look back on either without being reminded of terrible people.

Still miss Phil Fish, though.


yeah he was the best kind of Montreal dirtbag

end of an era really


He could have been the worst Montréal dirtbag and he’d still be ten times better than the scum that festers in Toronto.


well I don’t know about that, I was thinking about that whole illustrious set of Dov Charney, Win Butler, the Vice guys, the Concordia creative writing faculty…

he’s definitely recognizable within that mould but unlike all of them he seemed to be a prick for the powers of good


Never heard of any of those assholes - that’s a good thing?


I haven’t seen Gaming In Colour but just from the pitch I can imagine the sort of people that would make something like that.

Always been mad suspicious about the Team Meat dudes, based on their work, but don’t really know the extent of their terribleness.

It’s ironic that Blow and Fish are the ones that publicly act disagreeable but end up being the most decent ppl.

Well, Fish probably has some legit issues though


I’m sorry I ever brought this up.



As much as I have issues with hbomberguy, I do find his essay on the Halcyon to be inspiring:

I can relate to Rick Dyer.




When he says he has friends in common with Paul Joseph Watson, and the fact that he came from SomethingAwful, and he fawns over Night In The Woods… I get antsy.


Doesn’t everyone fawn over Night in the Woods? People here did. I haven’t played it.


Yes, everyone fawns over NitW, yes that bothers me. I feel like one of the few people who know the game’s programmer is an asshole with a history of mistreating women, and saw one of the game’s artists dogpile a trans games critic for having a take he disagreed with.

No I will not go into further details on either of these.


Idk if you can do that and if this knowledge is so secret maybe that’s not something to hold against people. As Cuba said, everyone fawns over NITW and I’d hate to have to stop liking KRZ?


My issue with hbomberguy is that he seems like a shitty critic.

Granted, he’ll sometimes arrive at correct conclusions but often through a bizarrely nonsensical train of thought or plain wrong premises?


at least he exists on youtube


I’m actually curious to see an example of his shitty criticism; that’s one aspect of his work I never really took issue with, but that could be because I’m won over by his presentation.