if it was CW, every demon would be in human form and you’d be simply punching them in some cheap warehouse


i think my favorite goofy touch so far is that if you stand still too long at the beginning of a mission nico will honk and ask you if you’re lonely or something


Am I gonna be the one to post the Tim review?


Game’s a little too easy and levels aren’t quite as interesting as 3/4 even 1’s? Ruined cityscape’s more in line with the reboot.

Otherwise I’m loving it.


that’s my impression after 2 missions too

feels perfect though


I heard about the MJ dance scene but this blows all expectations I might have had out of the water

Will get this as soon as I can


Do you need a special code for that? I don’t see that on the website (the 27% off)


Fuck it, I can’t afford it even then. I need to be strong and wait


may have been a loyalty deal, sorry!


I watched the History of DMC video in the main menu and DMC2 gets a single slide without naming any of the characters or plot. Perfect.


Somehow I missed this last year, seeing Shoji Kawamori during the intro credits had me all ?!?!


this is one of the first, if not the first PC game that I’ve seen do HDR automatically and without complaint

just let big picture pop it onto the other monitor and it’s good to go

not sure how I feel about V’s levels though

like it’s sort of neat that control scheme even mostly feels good given what it wants you to do but it’s pretty darn messy


It is kinda messy but I’m having fun trying to deal with it. My only real complaint is not knowing when a summon is going to manifest near you or at a target. If i could just suss out the when and hows of this I think i think I’d have it down. V is honestly pretty easy to get to S style with.


this is very devil may cryonetta

it doesn’t demand mastery to the same extent as DMC3 and you wind up mostly competing against your own rating, but the bossfights aren’t nearly as flat and it doesn’t overemphasize dodge timings as much as Bayonetta. the tone and setting are likewise. and it’s neither as insistently technical as devil may cry nor as perpetually fluid as bayo.

it’s good! I’m not sure if it’ll be as memorable or do much new but capcom have been very competent lately


the level geometry is pretty weak though?

it’s some real PS2 vintage “nope you can’t stand here” stuff

it basically works but it’s only barely not so bad as to be a distraction


I’m loving the depth to the combat so far but getting the hang of using Nero’s arm skills or busting them deliberately is giving me headaches. Similarly, Adam Driver’s Menagerie feels automatic and a little too chaotic most of the time.

Nico: Queen of Parking Anywhere is just-about the best thing ever.


I’m not too concerned about Denuvo’s performance impact (even though it sucks) but what I really hate about buying games nowadays is the whole problem of not getting all the content even though I forked over a lot of dough. Like if I had bought DMC5 when I thought about it I wouldn’t have gotten the alternate costumes because those were preorder bonuses. Also not the deluxe edition stuff of course because that’s just way too expensive. So it just really pays to wait for the cracked version, which usually includes everything. That’s just infuriating


the observed CPU hit is very trivial in practice and is honestly within the bare minimum of what you’d expect for any realtime decryption or sandboxing, which afaik is the reason that Denuvo is any better than old DRM in the first place

I think the chorus of anti-Denuvo complaints are like 90% people who just want to pirate the game and are unaware that Denuvo is being reliably cracked these days or just feel obliged to parrot the party line

which is fine but like

to claim that it has any real negative impact in practice beyond making piracy slightly more difficult is a bit much imo

I saw someone yesterday retweet that they’re removing Denuvo from Sonic Mania and… I don’t think that should realistically matter to a single soul other than whoever was paying that licensing fee at Sega


It’s such a trick of psychology at play; without any extras games are massively larger and more stuffed with things and replayability and long-term support than ever, so there’s really no grounds for anyone to complain, but the upsells are predicated on people feeling like they’re missing out because there was more that they could have had.

Segregated purchasing is more dangerous than people realize, I think. I wonder what kind of data Disney tracks on how their segregated lines affect overall guest mood, separated from park attendance and revenue which can remain full and up even as people hate it (Disney as they seem to be the only amusement park operator capable of doing R&D and holistic planning).


Still gathering my thoughts.
Nero is fun but i’m not sure about this dumping funds into spare arms that you just blow up anyways. Maybe once I’m done unlocking my moves it won’t matter. Is there a way to switch arms with out blowing them up?

V seems… Mashy. The more I unlock the more he feels inline with the game, but it’s hard to ignore that I’d rather just be playing Nero and not hoping to this Neil Gaiman wannabe.

But by an large the game is great. The ‘performance issues’ I’ve heard about seem silly and I also can’t think of a game that exists on PC without someone complaining about that in one form or another. What I think causes the bigger hit is the always online for the “co-op” Why did they add that? IT DOES NOTHING AND IT IS STUPID. Unless something gets better later.