not really related, but if they’re going for run of the mill metalcore, might as well been this:


There’s a demo on Xbox One X right now available until the 7th with a PC/PS4 version coming later.


when the floor is lava


oh yeah the demo came out for those who arent on xbox

it was good!

I dont remember the demo teaching players about stinger, Neros launcher, etc so that may be a problem for newcomers



sorry, i’ve tried it before and facebook videos are a problem to hotlink to


Seems stable sometimes but I can never tell…will fix.


I was confused at first too but I think what’s happening is that FB constantly and randomly changes the embedded video URLs so that it usually looks like the video is working correctly at first only for the link to be broken a few hours later. Got to find another source or rehost it yourself (and not on SB either because Discourse still for whatever reason deletes uploaded videos randomly)




ah… :sweatpig:


reviews for this one are looking extremely positive and it’s not the kind of game that I would see any reason not to trust mainstream reviews of

also 27% off on GMG




devil may cry, only on The CW


100% the correct approach though



Can’t wait nor watch any more clips…going CUHRAYZEE with this and a giant pizza ~9 PM.


punking instigator


kinda fucked up over how good this looks tbh


i love that re engine is now the new house engine. rip panta rhei 2013-?