I mean, if nothing else, you will be able to use him in Bloody Palace mode.


but I have to GET there, ugh.

Tried playing more and got through two more levels. SOS is honestly less fun not because of difficulty but the enemies just take SO many more hits it takes forever. I feel like I’m beating on them with a wet noodle.


It’s true some fights can get exhausting but if you look at what loops do the most damage (not entirely accurate but for example, generally):

Nero: revved Exceed, certain breakers and R2 grapples, constantly charging Blue Rose shots while you hack and slash

Dante: same frequent charge shots with E&I, Swordmaster specials, summoned swords, double Kalina Ann (gotta find the second)

You can make quicker work of some enemy types.

V I don’t know the names so well but Shadow’s triple slash and the other air juggle, spin dash move, Griffon’s lightning v’s, and of course Nightmare spamming the horizontal and then vertical lasers


yeah the one thing that makes me feel like just having a turnkey toggle to start on SOS would be missing the point is that the skill trees all have two whole playthroughs of depth in them, and the later moves aren’t even highly situational or anything, like Nero’s gunblade crit and devil suplex suddenly make L2 and R2 an essential part of combat


I mean, you just get there by owning the game on April 1st when it is getting free DLC released.


And word is from leaks and dataminers is that Virgil might be a character included in that drop. I haven’t tried him in DMC4SE but I’ve seen some videos. If that’s his base I can’t wait to see what tricks he’ll have in 5.


silly me, thought I had to earn it.



i wanted to beat this on Son of Sparda before Sekiro came out, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point. either way, the game is short enough for replays to not feel like a slog. i’m really curious to see what they add along the way over the next few months.


yeah I stopped when I got to V’s levels on SOS because I decided nero’s new stuff was satisfying enough to not exhaust itself

still a great time


yeah, playing as V after getting Dante and built-up Nero feels “fine”


Those purp tentacle cleavers have chunked me far too often with V trying to orchestrate the Summon Squad. I got halfway through DMD, maybe return for clean up sometime after Sekiro.

This mode’s biggest challenge has always been how enemies (and bosses) enter their own kind of Devil Trigger mode after a certain amount of time; beyond greater attack/defense they become extremely poised and more difficult to interrupt, knock down. The main Nelo Angelo knights get ridiculous in this state. Furies not as much but still messy.


DMCV Pollin’




Having never played a Devil May Cry game, should I play DMC 3 or this one (on hard mode)? Which one would be the best to play today? Is DMC 5 more oriented to button mashing, or can they get equally technical?


You can mash buttons in all of them. You can mash buttons in any game.

Play DMC3 for a good time (I haven’t played DMC5 but I have played 3, which is, good, imo)


The technical skill ceiling for DMC3 is unnecessarily high, because the game gives you you way more options (multiple weapons on the fly, multiple movesets, multiple characters, lots of arbitrary beat-em-up tech) than you’ll actually need to beat the game on any difficulty. Pretty much all of it feels satisfying.


the tone of this scene is fucking incredible


You can skip 2 and honestly I’d leave the first game until later. It’s aged better as a curiosity, the weird Resident Evil spinoff that followed Onimusha.

3 through V is when they really started figuring things out design-wise, and where most of the overarching story pertinent to this entry happens too.