destiny thread


the rat king thing isn’t confirmed, i think it’s just having finished all the world quests on titan, where the quest starts

the mission you do at the end looks huge and totally wild



This is correct! My b!

FWIW there is a good reason for requiring those world quests.


Don’t worry, my brief delight at Rat King being useful was ironically shut down by realizing that I did the Titan world quest on my alt.

It was fun to do again, though, and it reminded me Mithrax is Mithrax, the Forsaken.

I love everything to do with this quest, from the poems to the music to cashing :clap: in :clap: those :clap: checks :clap:. They narratively set this stuff up 20 months ago. In year 3 I want the Neo-Devils to offer Failsafe a new (SIVA) body and worship her as their god like Ewoks and C-3PO.

The mission is incredible, like, better than Whisper. I yelled “fuck yes” and pumped my fist in the air at Mithrax decloaking to jump a guy.

The nanites from the new gun work between coop allies like Malfeasance slugs.

Thank god this came along because Broadsword is extremely difficult to use and it’s making me feel bad about my fucken inflamed wrist/fingers/etc. If Breakneck is an automatic transmission (I think of Toad’s movement speed in Super Mario 3D World), Broadsword is a manual with a finicky clutch.


i guess i will be admiring this thing from afar until i overcome the anxiety of finding two randos to complete it with


OP is good and also in a way a successor to Rat King. It’s amazing if two or more people have it and you’re calling targets to focus fire.

New raid is called Crown of Sorrow and this week is the last lore entry from the Queen’s Court. The raid is going to come out at 715 recommended on 6/4 and I might actually be in a spot to do it. I joked that I’ll have to grind my friends’ accounts that sat out Season of the Drifter ;_;


Destiny is the only game I can think of where the answer to

“I know he’s coming, I know WHERE he’ll be coming from, he doesn’t know I’m here, I’m already aiming at where he’ll appear, and I’m invisible. Who will win?”

is a great big /shruggo