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update: i cheesed it


They added the catalyst for Hard Light. It adds 25 stability. Hard Light had 82 to begin. The cap is 100.

If any of y'all are taking a break I recommend still watching the Emissary cutscenes on Fridays via YouTube. They're poking around the edges of the world.


“[They] have agency like you wouldn’t believe. [They] can leave this place.”

“This plane? We can leave this plane.”

“Think bigger. [They] can leave this game.”

“We don’t understand.”

“Then I’m afraid it’s impossible to explain.”


yeah, i pretty much login to do the invitations on fridays and that is usually enough to scratch the destiny itch.

the only time i played gambit prime and reckoning was with sakurina on the first day when it was fun and people didn’t have full gear sets

i’ve never gotten a catalyst from strikes ever and i’ve done at least 100 over the past six months.


I’m sad that whatever they did to make it click with my brain is alienating to other people. I feel like a sicko for liking gambit as much as I do.

Incidentally, I just got this from the mail room

The quality of the pin itself is mediocre but it’s a neat thing.


I’m both pleased and displeased that D2 is just straight-up answering the big questions from D1


What’s the displeasure about?


I guess just how directly it’s being done?

Like, stuff we puzzled over for months back in D1 like “Who are the Nine?”, poring over grimoire cards and audio transcripts and debating and theorizing.

Then Season of the Drifter D2 comes along and is like “Oh them? They’re a series of boltzmann brains made from the dark matter shadow of our world.

In D1 “Where did the Exo come from?”
D2: “Clovis Bray made them!
D1: “Okay but why, as was brought up in this grimoire card, do they have human-like emotions and thought patterns?”
D2: “Because they’re human minds uploaded into robot bodies!
D1: “But… but what’s the Deep Stone Crypt? The Tower dream they all have???”
D2: “Oh, that’s just a sort of defrag/calibration program we put in there.

D1: “Where is Rasputin?”
D2: “On Mars! You just couldn’t see him from where you were.
D1: “But why did he go dormant for so long?”
D2: “Didn’t have anything to do!

D1: “What was the strange event that spawned the Awoken?”
D2: “Mara Sov made a wish!
D1: “…what?”
D2: “Yeah! She went out on a spaceship and made psychic contact with the void and–
D1: “WHAT”
D2: “Hey have you been keeping up with Gambit? There’s new armor!”

D1: “Are the Hive ‘worm gods’ the same things as the Ahamkara?”
D2: “Nope! Here’s one, shoot it!

D1: “Could the Ahamkara still be around, subtly influencing events?”
D2: “Yep! Here’s one, shoot it!


I think there’s a lot more to this than the straight-forward explanations in Warmind (which come from a kiosk in Clovis Bray tour). Ada and possibly Elsie as two Exos created outside of CB without dissociative exomind rejection and the mention of the crypt in Cayde’s will imply there’s more to come.

fake edit: haha i wrote this before your edit

Re: the nine, I’ve seen a lot of folks pleased that they were basically right gaiaforms and I’m glad we got Riven as an encounter in game.

Mostly the Ecdysis and Man with No Name books are fucking me up, though. I think the Marasenna may be unreliable, too.


The verdant forest is kinda broken if you have a titan bud with a sword :wink:

The reddit is full of people complaining about the buffs (to class ability, melee, or grenade cooldowns) being active in PvP but I’m like :thinking: time to grind some glory.


I’m playing this again for the first time since last summer before forsaken came out and I have no idea what is going on


i just did a whole strike with instant grenade recharge and never fired my gun, this event is pretty fun to dip into

kind of amazing they didn’t think about how this would effect crucible though

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Arbalest rules lol


woah! i think i need to give it another look.

i got the hard light catalyst, so this is the week of hard light for me as i get the 1k kills required to fill up the bar. i always wish it was a better gun, but it sure sounds and feels like it’s doing work at least.


Yeah! Not gonna lie I thought it was trash because I was using it for invaders but once I got to the primeval phase I started literally cackling with glee.

I use malfeasance until the primeval phase, then switch to srbalest and it makes gambit feel solved in a way that makes me wonder if they’re going to nerf it, but it’s not game-breaking anywhere else.


The Revelry is PvP antiperspirant.

I’ve been in comp and IB this week and it’s been pretty chill even though it (feels like) the same two dozen or so people the whole time. I think I may be inoculated to the sweatiness of a small population FPS because I played Titanfall and Titanfall 2 well past their population drop-offs.

This observation made me realize that the way the tonics put an element of randomness into PvP is very similar to “burn cards” in the first Titanfall. You’d get (through earning them in-game level up packages) a one-spawn use powerup like enhanced/unlimited grenades, a titan off the bat, a wall hack, etc. I’d love to see a similar system in Destiny regularly. In Titanfall everyone eventually had a good stock of cards so you could turn encounters around if you were having a rough time. Maybe we can come into some magic bones.


I have been precariously moving around + eternally stressed for the past few months, but hoping to turn on this game and shoot things soon. miss ya’ll, as ever.


I got redrix broadsword and joked that I’m like those boomers who buy up Iraqi dinars waiting for the revaluation but now the joke is haunting me.


Extremely late to the party but I did the photoshop and everything ;_;


Outbreak Prime is back via a quest that starts with a heroic adventure on Titan. You have to have finished Rat King so it looks like those Iraqi dinars are paying off baby!

Also holy shit you fight with Mithraks as an ally.