destiny thread


I got the Thorn - I did not get the Thorn in D1 so I am having a great time experiencing the Bulbasaur of Guns.

I don’t like how ugly it is, though. Malfeasance is beautiful. Thorn doesn’t look like it was once a Rose. Gimme Rose that’s Thorn but it heals teammates over time pls.

I miss the weapon combo concept from vanilla D1 like Sturm/Drang even if they were the only pair that worked out.

I like how Drifter was a sad boi all along.

The lore book you get from the Invitations from the Nine fucked me up y’all


Thooooooooooorn finally!

Used the app to join a dude and it went ok-ish. Might try doing all the other friend-gated exotics this way in the future?


Truly the Grindr of videogames


j all over me for some strikes


will be down tomorrow, I have guests over this afternoon


oh yeah that’s fine! that post was basically a lewd joke


I think my viewpoint on this game has shifted over the past few weeks. I’ve been significantly busier in the last year, and I don’t have the energy to keep up with the treadmill anymore, especially since there isn’t really any excuse to. Last Wish sucked all of the energy out what was left of PS4 PMOD and now there are only two of us playing this thing anymore, so the likelihood of raids happening is effectively nil. I still enjoy Destiny as a kind of social space where I get to hang with rye every Sunday and talk for a couple hours, but I no longer really play it outside of that. My choices about how to allocate my time and effort in this game are no longer really about progressing in the latest season of content or getting my power level up, but just working towards things that will make my weekly play session more enjoyable or interesting.

Really, I think I now play Destiny like grade school kids play Fortnite, as a weird objective-based social space, or a weekly excuse to have a conversation with a friend that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It still has a lot of value because of that, but it’s a completely different role than it played in my life two years ago when Destiny was pretty much the only game I played, with the occasional diversion on a weekend here and there. Nowadays, the bulk of my time is spent exploring the PlayStation 1 library that I missed out on as a youth, and Destiny is my weekend diversion.

The other thing is I think it’s just harder for Bungie to retain me as a player now that I’m somewhere around 1300 hours played in this thing. There is only so much Bungie can put out every 3 months, and I don’t really see what they could realistically release in a seasonal model aside from a new raid that would be worth playing “full time” for. And since raids aren’t happening anymore due to low headcount, why even bother hitting that power level cap when I could be playing something else that actually feels fresh?

So that’s pretty much where I am with regards to Destiny right now.

Also here is a warning from someone who got owned: Service Revolver is a fantastic Vanguard hand cannon that has similar specs to Luna’s Howl and good PvP rolls. If you haven’t purchased it explicitly from Zavala for completing the season 6 completions triumph (40 strikes), it is not going to be in your random loot pool, so don’t be a big idiot like me and dump your hundreds of useless Vanguard tokens trying to get one, because it’s not gonna happen. This is never communicated to you anywhere in the game, but I found out about this earlier today and it made me furious, and I decided I should probably spread the word


i feel you, though destiny is always cyclical for me and i reckon me and a couple of the old knuckleheads will definitely spin back up sometime this summer, at latest

that said it’s hard to imagine getting back up to any real speed without the raid headcount, yeah


i also learned that nightfalls don’t count towards those 40 strikes. they gotta be regular strikesi blew all my tokens trying to get one earlier too!

anyway, yeah, i question a lot why i’m still playing this thing when i could be using my game time on a lot of fresher stuff. i think it’s partly because destiny feels like a kind of home, even though almost everyone has moved away.

it’s also definitely a space of hangouttitude for me, it’s the same reason i’ve dwelled long on other games: it’s fun just to be in the world and move around and shoot things. i played a ton of mgsv like this as well because i loved how the character moved, the sounds the game made, the lighting, etc. i’d drop in every sunday for a few hours. before mgsv, there was dragons dogma, ffxiv, etc. it’s a collection of stimulation loops that please me, a sensory bath my brain can just float in.

i don’t know if it’s depression or what, but lately i’m less interested in playing games that demand a lot of me. when i come to games now i just want a predictable experience. destiny soothes like this but it’s also worrying; i want to get back to being the kind of person whose world gets larger instead of smaller. but, uh, yeah until then i’ll shoot stuff half an hour every night for no reason.


I play Destiny for two things. Lore and guns that do cool things

right now is a pretty good time for both of those


that is true i also like those things


personally was happiest with these games when i could pick a day or two and run the raid(s) and a trials ticket but they seem to be drifting away from the fun team activities toward a focus on lore and a kind of single-player/streamer oriented grind that i don’t really have any interest in, even the raids are feeling more and more like a series of dps checks

i’m really interested in how things are going to shake out without activision involved though

i miss the pmod gang and when i have less 'orrible shite going on irl i will make more of an effort to keep in touch with you all


spoiler: Bungie tries desperately to amortize spiraling costs due to massive staff expansion in hopes of answering clamor for content,

fails softly

(good luck @DJ)


played some ib for thorn progress and it wasn’t miserable!

went from 26% to 69% in 5 games. i had a 3.29 game in there too.

inadvertently completed the crucible step of tlw quest too, though i was never able to use that gun.


okay that thorn strike is some destiny 1 bullshit


There’s a great way to cheese it! Have someone go in the little hidey-hole around the corner to the left. :wink:


sure sounds like destiny 1 to me with that description


Canon non-binary people in the ~lore~

I need it in my character options. Maybe I can ask Drifter to call me comrade


I just had a millisecond long orgasm because I thought I had clicked on the News thread and this was saying something about an Ecstatica III. Shit.


the petit-est mort