destiny thread


i got the new warlock gloves that let you eat a grenade for an arc soul

the arc soul you get from doing this has no chill and was killing stuff faster than i could at one point

bonus! play on chaos reach and you can have the thing up almost all the time


5th gambit armor set found


Whole crew went too hard on the whippets





Guess I’m finally gonna have to play crucible in d2 for this thorn quest.

As a bonus I will make progress on at least two other exotic hand cannon quests (where I just dropped them at the crucible step) while I’m in there getting my 200+ kills


oh god it doesn’t make you play comp does it?


No but if you don’t play comp or ib you progress extremely slowly


That’s fine, I have ways of making that go by painlessly.

I am… actually kinda good at crucible. But comp is a special hell.


Man the start for the Thorn quest is weirdly random, huh


i just stepped into crucible for the daily and it wasn’t so bad. i was still a .7 but 6v6 really takes the stress off.

i don’t know any of these maps though, yikes

just gonna see how it goes this weekend when i can devote a few hours to it (if you’re on ps4 come hang with me)


god I love the worldbuilding in this series


The “Invitation from the Nine” from Xur today is the most exciting story beat(s?) in a while.


who y’all siding with?

I eventually came to my conclusion that my Warlock, being above all else a knowledge seeker, would want to see where this goes and what it’s all really about, so I chose Drifter.

I’ll probably side with the Vanguard on my Titan because Titans don’t hold truck much with thinkin’.


Chaotic good is the obvious choice if you want to make your own fate.

Hoping we get a “taken” skill tree/subclass down the line a la Prey (2017)


my warlock stuck with the vanguard, despite having some major misgivings about them. it’s really more about the people of the city that rely on the vanguard for protection.

my hunter, who has a cool skull on her face, sided with the drifter. not so much for the knowledge, she just thinks it’ll be more fun.

i appreciate how interesting of a decision they’ve made this given you’ve read the narrative stuff they’ve been putting out in game and on the website.


I got my connection to the void to 100% sync (thanks outlaw/rapid hit kindled orchid) but lol there is no fucking way I can solo the Chasm of Screams. Guess I’m going to pseudo-LFG in the farm.


The farm is real nice. I wish they’d used it in a bigger capacity - like if you side with Drifter he’s set up shop there and you’re not allowed in the Tower anymore.

Mostly the Tower is a pain in the ass.



What I usually do when they pull this crap is go out to where the thing starts and just sit there waiting for people to come by and emote at them. (The high-five emote works particularly well for this).

If they engage, I send them a message via XBL asking them if they’re doing the Special Edition run. If they reply saying yes, I just ask if they want to team up. They usually do!

Still haven’t found any takers for the Malfeasance run though.


The Malfeasance run? Like the alternate Corrupted strike?

That’s a real shame, sorry.

Bungie pls no borders… it’s The Boss’s dream

Also hmm this one is different from the last one (the Insight Terminus strike for… Izanagi’s Burden?) in that you only launch it from the director.

If anyone on PC is up to run it HMU. My regular teammates aren’t going to finish the crucible step for a while.


i’m at 26%. got sidetracked because i got enough headshot kills to go finish my ace of spades quest so i have one new toy at least.

you should just lfg for real! i’ve used the bungie app a few times.