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From what I saw over lunch, the primeval has windows in which it can be dpsed now with waves of adds spawning between each one, and killing envoys spawns a rift somewhere on the map which gives you the stacking primeval hunter buff you used to get from killing the envoys as long as it stays up

Prime armor can give you perks in Gambit Prime, and items can drop in-game to let you boost the set bonus for a given piece of gear, so you could technically use an exotic armor piece and still have max perk level

People haven’t found strategies to abuse yet


do the different sets really give role-specific bonuses


yes but I don’t know what the role specific bonuses are yet


The new books are up on Ishtar and so far one of them is genuinely upsetting to read. They’re unwinding the mooring and getting ready to push off.






there’s a pretty robust amount of set bonuses that can be unlocked, yeah


Played with rye just now. First impressions:

  • Gambit Prime is rougher than regular Gambit. There are a lot more adds than in regular Gambit, and escaping from a mob when you are low health will likely end with running straight into another one and dying. It feels like there are more enemies that are able to snipe you from across the map than in regular Gambit as well.
  • Primeval phase prioritizes burst damage to sustain, and invasions are more impactful. You have about 30 seconds to damage the boss in a DPS phase. Killing the third envoy gives your team the Primeval Slayer rift and makes invasion available to the opposing team. Ideally, you’d want the entire team to be in the rift to DPS the boss as optimally as possible, but if an invader comes, it’s in your interest to disperse to avoid a team wipe. The opposing team can delay killing their envoy until your team is dead or mostly dead and then burst down the primeval if the multiplier is 3x or more for a big turnaround.
  • Gambit Prime weeklies that reward powerful gear require playing 4 single-round games as opposed to the previous Gambit weekly which required playing through three 2-3 round games. It feels like they are over much more quickly and you’re playing Relevant Content™.
  • Synths are a currency you can use to either boost your set bonuses by a given amount for a temporary amount of time (this is the thing I mentioned earlier which would help you compensate for an exotic in one of your armour slots) or turn into role-specific motes you can use to unlock role-specific gear in The Reckoning. You obtain synths naturally throughout a Gambit match by meeting some invisible threshold for behaviours associated to a given role, or by completing bounties that are tied to a specific role. If you don’t know what role to pick, you can just look at what synths you have the most of, and chances are that is what you should gravitate towards to complement your play style. It’s brilliant.
  • The Reckoning (tier 1) does not feel meaningfully different from Black Armory, Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, Archon’s Forge, or Court of Oryx-type PvE arena activities mechanically, but it does feel like the most chaotic in terms of enemy types and enemy density, and it has the best aesthetic. All the enemies in here are Taken so you may wish to use Malfeasance for a blanket damage buff. (I didn’t think of that while we were in there.) Being able to put a sentry mote in the machine, kill things for 3-4 minutes, and then leave with a random piece of sentry-specific armor is a fun little slot machine with good gunfeel to mess around in with friends. I don’t know how higher tiers will differ (though the triumph for tier 3 boss has me excited) but it seems that tier 1 rewards Role Bonus +1, tier 2 Role Bonus +2, and tier 3 Role Bonus +3 rolls on the armor drops.
  • It’s unclear to me right now if anything at all requires power above 650 in the game right now. Gambit and Gambit Prime has PvP level advantages on (TIL), and Iron Banner will too, but PvE-wise, all I can think of would be higher tiers of The Reckoning. The power level grind seems kinda pointless in this season. I think rye mentioned one of the Black Armory forges got retconned to 670 power though.


Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.


Looks like the only part of what was available yesterday that rye and I didn’t touch was the weekly bounty, because we wanted to take time to think about what role to get behind


Get your wardcliffs out


ok this is going to be a dumb question but who the fuck is Nokris again


Disowned son of Oryx who does necromancy which is heretical to sword logic who, after losing connection to Yul, shacked up with Xol


was this some vanilla story mission boss or something, like why do we care he gets 1-shot now


He’s the Strange Terrain strike boss from Warmind, so it could help with nightfall scoring or trying to get the Osprey.


It’s also a demonstration of how beast that launcher is now


Sign me up for that Hung Jury 2.0


Yeah I want this bad

Gonna start this weekend??


yeah I’m doing this

Maybe not all at once but at least the strikes this weekend


Will be out Saturday afternoon but would be down to join you on Sunday afternoon!


y’all are going to be bffs with nokris soon