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Hmm this Black Armory loop feels deliberately D1-style, like rubbing the noses of the nostalgia complainers in the carpet. Just for instance - is there really anything worthwhile about loading in to the Leviathan to merc Legionaries for radiant seeds before I do the forge?

Ada-1 is a weird character because the game’s treatment of players (accommodating and indulgent of punishment and reward like a dominatrix) is at odds with her being distrustful or hateful so it just rings like bad tsun-tsun writing - don’t think I wanted your help finding the forge, b-baka

I hope there’s a strike or dungeon coming soon. It sucks that the rest of my regular group has to grind before they can do the forges because it feels like we’re spinning wheels.


The pursuits tab is a god damn mess that needs to be scrapped right now. You can’t add a vendor and two concurrent events and six different season-long weapon grinds without giving us more space. It’s ridiculous. IMO split them into bounties, quests, etc. on their own tabs and display objectives without hover-over. It feels like extremely flimsy scaffolding compared to the overhaul that came with D1 2.0.


yeah but izanami though

Feel like a competitive 3v3 version of Izanami Forge (without the boss round) would be the greatest PvP encounter possible


I haven’t unlocked Izanami but it looks like a forge but on Vex platforms in the air? What do you enjoy about it that makes it superlative for you?


There’s one platform up high, and then two platforms down low on each of the front corners. Mobs spawn on all three platforms, but at what seems to be a slightly reduced rate on the main forge-having platform. The other two platforms are down rather low, so anyone on them can’t really see what’s going on at the main platform.

The standard method of running it is for two team members to go down to each of the two lower platforms, kill mobs, and throw their orbs up onto the main platform, and the third player stays up on the main forge platform, catching the orbs the other two throw up, and dunking them in the forge, all while dodging incoming fire from their own mobs.

I absolutely LOVE playing orb-dunker. It’s like if basketball had only one hoop, several balls, and the opposing team had guns.


i dropped off again, it’s not really sticky for me without trials (which was also the fastest way to level up) or decent matchmaking for regular pvp

though i’m not sure the pc playerbase is big enough to really support the latter


Splitting their playerbase even more seems like such a bad move in hindsight.


I’ve found the competitive Crucible playlist to be a fairly accurate Trials Experience Simulator 2018


Now that the levelling ramp is being balanced around streamers, I’m not convinced trials would necessarily be that way if it came back

Iron Banner actually feels much rougher when you’re 30-40 power down on the average lobby versus 10-20 like I used to be when levelling was easier. Also seems like shotguns are back to being in the meta again so I keep getting wrecked by people camping around corners.


Is there any way they can fix the feedback loop about PvP (i.e. small population -> blueberries get pwned -> small population)? I suppose they should put more quests that move people into PvP but if anything they’re siloing off the three modes of play more.


Skill-based matchmaking? Although the Destiny community has rejected it multiple times.


i played enough comp to get not forgotten and it was far sweatier than trials a lot of the time

but yeah it was nice to run a flawless ticket and go up 20 light


I read somewhere that the matchmaking is actually outsourced to another company that Activision owns so Bungie has limited ability to directly address Destiny-specific issues.

Skill-based matchmaking was great for Halo 3. Can’t think of why it’d be bad.


the d1 sbmm experience during taken king was awful, i think it was trying to match 12 people with the exact same kd/a irrespective of connection

so you’d spend ten minutes waiting for a game, usually getting loaded into one halfway through with a bunch of folk in russia playing like it’s the mlg finals


Skill-based matchmaking adds another huge number of player population slices, which, in a game already split between platforms and with a bevy of activities might be facing issues. It’d likely be fine for the more populated modes but the niche ones would suffer.

Trials is a nice design because the ladder structure builds its own matchmaking; low-skill players can keep the low rungs filled while the high-skill players are always fed – if the population is low, lower-skill players will just filter up into the higher rungs of the ladder.

Halo 3 took mode control away from players to create a bigger bucket of players to matchmake with.


That’s what D2 did with Quickplay and Competitive before they added back Rumble and the rotating playlist.

I pretty much only play Rumble nowadays unless IB is going on.


It’s weird that Destiny seems to have a harder time matchmaking with its population on PC than Titanfall 2 did a couple of years ago but I might just have been good at Titanfall where I’m bad at Destiny.


i miss the gamespy/all seeing eye days


I can’t believe it’s this time of the year again


I remember hearing somewhere that titanfall 2 lacked any kind of sbmm at all, right?

I feel like destiny matchmaking has always been an issue and the negative feedback loop just continues to shrink the population out of existence. I don’t know what the solution is but I’d be curious to see what % of the active player pool is still doing regular pvp vs d1.

I’m trying to grind the last few strikes I need for this fusion rifle while the dawning’s on to hopefully also get some cores out of it, fatigue is setting in. By the time I can do a forge I may not even want to :confused:


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