destiny thread


I’ve tried watching his streams a few times in the past and every time he was upset or angry over something, really unpleasant to watch


in other news my luck turned around and I got the ikelos shotgun after 3 tries


best destiny celeb is jez, don’t @ me



Can’t wait to get up to level for Scourge of the Past it is going to easily be my favorite on account of vehicle sections and a fallen mech.

Real ODST vibes hanging out in the starting area alone. Along the lines of what I expected from the first section of Spark in vanilla.




there’s no point grinding now because there’s almost certainly going to be a horror story deal with the dawning that’ll catch you up in a fifth of the time

my clan got a day one clear but seemed pretty nonplussed about it, though most of the destiny hype is re: last word


Anyone notice increased exotic drops lately or am I just unusually lucky?


it’s happened to me lately too, idk

on the other hand i get server connection messages and disconnects constantly and it seems to be tied to comcast in new england??? wtf


I wonder if it’s a “catch-up” - giving folks who had RNG dry spells a bone to get the new exotics out.


had the same thing all the way over here
i think maybe the servers are getting hammered with everyone hype to see eva levante


this cookie baking thing is hilarious


Scourge of the Past speedrun record is already down to 14 minutes


Mayhem with blade barrage + shards of galanor is hilarious. Crucible Easy Operation. Gonna finish Redrix for sure.

I love the cookie baking and I hope this and the haunted forest are trial runs for adding Monster Hunter cooking/crafting and Diablo rifts down the road.

A big thing that makes Destiny not FPS MonHun for me is that the gear is so disconnected from the activities most of the time. Getting 1KV from Riven is cool, but there’s nothing you really fashion out of Vex parts or Fallen scrap.


what they should have called pc crucible


The Taken King’s raid armor was arguably the closest they’ve gotten to Monster Hunter armor


Make sure to get your oracle offering and visit the queen this week because they just moved the story forward in a very clever way.

It was legitimately the first time in d2 they did something with the story that excited me


While doing the Dul Incaru boss tonight the stars aligned to where we had three stacks of the buff, well of radiance, code of the commander, and rally barricade, so my sleeper crits hit for 999,999. :bbcool:


As a deep lore junkie I have questions about that scene that I need someone to ask bungo for me

Ok really just one question IS THAT PULLED PORK???


Izanami Forge is unquestionably, without a shred of hyperbole, the most fun I’ve ever had playing Destiny