destiny thread


god plz


I went to Mars to make a cache key after the nightfall and ended up in a spontaneous 9 guardian EP. It was so god damn fun! Just orbs everywhere, sparks flying, chewing through things. I know there’s a 6 person matchmade activity coming with Penumbra but I think there’s really something special about EP when it clicks. Blind Well clicks more easily because it’s got a dedicated space that matchmakes better thanks to the long stairwell but it doesn’t have the madcap heroics - feels clinical and frankly easy at 600 LL doing the Tier III/Heroic.

I also got the IKELOS SG and I’m a very happy camper.

I think EP is like… the post-Halo thing I was imagining. Impromptu firefight in an open world with objectives. Feels like it could have grown out of the glacier defense level in Reach.


How do y’all feel about the annual pass for this year vs. the expansion pass for last year? Honestly it seems like we’re being shortchanged a bit in what the paid content is so they can support the free drip and live updates. That’s OK! I don’t think they could have done Osiris or Ana justice with the resources VV had.

I just want a lot of strikes eventually. It’s a common suggestion to just port in the D1 strikes and that would be great for making casual PvE less monotonous. Put 'em in the Infinite Forest and call 'em classic strikes or simulations (“meditations” was a weirder diegetic explanation tbh) if you’re concerned about lore friendliness.


the season pass seems good though won’t really know til next week. if there’s really a meaningful horde mode thing and a new raid that’s good enough for me, i could take or leave osiris and ana


the gambit season is going to be the play sekiro instead season for me i think

and yeah if the raid is good, last word is back and there’s a new escalation protocol thing that’s the best you can hope for really, gave up on there being less monotonous casual pve in like 2015

i’m sure the HEY GUYS WHAT IS GOING ON IT’S YA BOY crew will find something to moan about


and re: lore i think this weapon forge stuff has the potential to be way more interesting than The Wacky Antics of The Hive


Sounds like you’ll enjoy Black Armory? It has actual matchmaking so you won’t need to wait until Penumbra.

It’s worth the price of admission for getting two new raids. The only reason I could potentially care on missing out on strikes and story missions is giving players enough new stuff to do to ramp up to raid-ready power levels. The power level cap was raised to 650 but as a 586 player, I don’t feel like my jumps in power level have increased at all since Tuesday.


the level cap raise is next reset




I have a feeling season pass content is gonna be pretty light especially with them rationing it out but I’m a sucker for some destiny so here I am

ep IS really fun when you stumble into a full crew doing it, I’m gonna have to jump in next week to hopefully get the sg to complete my collection



I hope people with the Dredgen title get random NPC invasions across activities.


they’ve gone through enough already


Sounds like Black Armory is absolutely brutal at 600 power level while providing almost nothing to grind up to that level aside from… playing a bunch of old stuff? Cool


Even the streamers at 600 are having trouble, yeesh


same old innit, warmind was “ok there’s a new raid, you have to do the old one 15 times first”


I’m not talking about raid readiness, I’m just talking about being able to play the new expansion content. Previously you could play the new expansion stuff at whatever light level you were likely to be at the end of story completion. It was a nice reset point where people could get together and play things for the first time as a group.

This isn’t that. This is an activity that’s only available to people actively keeping up with the experience treadmill for the foreseeable future, which means people who are behind have nothing to be excited about today. rye and T and I were hyped to go in tonight and play this, but none of us will deal any damage to the enemies, and I strongly doubt Black Armory is fun enough an activity to warrant the grind at all.


honestly there’s nothing to be excited about even if you have kept up, you need to be 610 just to start the first wave of this thing

i only bought the pass today and the buyer’s remorse came quick


Yeah, as it stands there’s nothing the pass actually gets me other than access to an activity I can’t do yet and a quest I can’t complete. :confused:

There doesn’t seem to be any new armor or weapons dropping from world sources or vendors. I would’ve hoped vendors would have at least gotten a refresh.


Let’s think about this for a minute though

If the lowest-level activity is too high for the old power cap, what does that imply

You don’t have to do the new activity to get power level gains