destiny thread


i’m kinda bummed out if they’ve started nerfing stuff on streamers’ orders again tbh


I saw a clip of Datto on IGN complaining that Bungie is “scared of numbers” and talks about “feel” and I’m like no no no please stop before they—aw


ha they put a god roll energy shotty on shax, that and the ikelos news i’m expecting a pvp shotgun nerf now

highlight of this update: liberation from fuckin shadowplay



what do you do for it

do you hit an alien with a hammer when it is also against another thing on its other side

is this alien made of iron or an iron alloy

do you do

do the dew?


Well there is already a hammer made out of the sun, but for this one you make ancient guns out of your enemies. Details pending.


god damn i wish shrug would raid with us


Can already hear it in my head

“coming from the land of the ice and snow…”



Whenever I watch high level play it looks faster somehow (not just wide FOV + high framerate). Are they maxing out their mobility because they’re so good they don’t need resilience or recovery? Are they rolling with stomp-eez or lion rampant in crucible?

Also any tips on getting good at PvP y’all know would be appreciated. My bro and I are going to try for Luna’s this season.


mobility is the best stat, resilience works in a way that some numbers take you over certain thresholds so you need 1 resilience to survive getting two tapped by ace but a pretty high investment to hit the other relevant thresholds (i think if you get 6 or something nf and luna take an extra shot, also bygones etc. but you won’t see pulse rifles in comp or any ‘high level play’) and right now a lot of your deaths will be one shot so recovery isn’t the get 10 it was in year 1

as for tips uh, use a handcannon, use your vertical space more, don’t just walk or run around corners or out of cover when you could slide or jump

play the meta, i think the nightfall you can farm for mindbenders is up this week - you want full choke/accurized and anything else is icing, or you can grind quickplay to get the new shax vendor shotgun that’s perfectly rolled - then stick an icarus mod on it

and luna’s is dogshit - ace, dire promise, a decently rolled trust etc. are all way better, if you’re gonna do the comp grind it’s only worth it if you’re going to go all the way and get not forgotten



Should I just delete the Redrix quest too? I am married to my Go Figure/pulses in general and Desperado sounds great for PvE but everyone regards it poorly.


it’s not hard to do and it might be good one day, might as well finish it if you like pulses

i have a similar problem



I have a go figure with outlaw/kill clip that i put a counterbalance mod on (console player LUL) and it rips, really hard to take it off


Ooh kill clip might be better than rampage. Easier to proc but slower?


rampage for pve, kill clip for pvp


honestly though outside of comp and riven if you’re on level you can use any old shit, there’s nothing challenging enough to warrant some min maxed loadout unless you’re doing raids day one on severely underlevelled characters innit, use what you find most fun


How do regular people do this raid because we just spent like 3 hours on suro chi and still didn’t get it done


idk we just gotta be a little bit better at jumping on platforms imo


ya’ll gotta be better about… waiting for my thesis hell to pass and for me to start grinding