destiny dew™


Last Word is cool.

If you’re having trouble on the last step, don’t be a goofus like me: they shoot in the order they spawn.

Also looks like I’m going to finish Izanagi’s Burden this week yessss gimme that gears of war sniper


I just love the phrase telesto noob


Telesto is a first-order optimal strategy, of course he uses it. It’d be stupid not to


did they give it a huge buff or something? there was no way you’d run it over nf+dust rock or ace+retold last time i played

i heard they’re removing titan skating :confounded:


They said they’re changing it so you can still skate but not so much that you have an absurd mobility advantage over everyone else.


Trials confirmed not returning for at least a few seasons, making it unlikely to return during D2, what a shitshow