destiny dew™


everything went downhill after he revealed his face


I’ve tried watching his streams a few times in the past and every time he was upset or angry over something, really unpleasant to watch


in other news my luck turned around and I got the ikelos shotgun after 3 tries


best destiny celeb is jez, don’t @ me



Can’t wait to get up to level for Scourge of the Past it is going to easily be my favorite on account of vehicle sections and a fallen mech.

Real ODST vibes hanging out in the starting area alone. Along the lines of what I expected from the first section of Spark in vanilla.




there’s no point grinding now because there’s almost certainly going to be a horror story deal with the dawning that’ll catch you up in a fifth of the time

my clan got a day one clear but seemed pretty nonplussed about it, though most of the destiny hype is re: last word