destiny dew™


is there a decent way of moving blizz launcher games to another drive or am i looking at another download? black friday ssd deals innit





good thing you didn’t play with us just now, we lost like four in a row

got malfeasance done though~~~


it’s only funny because I won all three games I played tonight to complete it


@BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE one of the other team members has to work at midnight on Monday morning after getting off at 3 PM so it’s not happening this weekend unless we get another sixth.


Okay, just let me know if you find someone… I would have gone home from my girlfriend’s specifically for the raid. So I’d need to know at least a couple of hours before the start of it so I can catch the train.

Sadly I don’t know anyone who’s not sb who could partake


Yeah, sorry man. We’ll find another time.


It’s no problem! We’ll get it done eventually


i’ll be around a fair bit the next few days if you want to finish up the refer a friend, all we have left is win a gambit match and complete a nightfall


Yeah we’ll do that!


I got my Malfeasance grinding solo like a sad boi. Somewhere between this and Crimson is the Needler 2.0.

Can’t wait for it to get buffed up to challenge Ace.


hopefully the d2 version of last word is still the most fun vidcon gun and the pvp meta


The five shot to explosion works regardless of shields like Thorn’s perk so it’s great for clearing out Taken Phalanxes.


Am I reading this right? Entirely new raid on earth? (Last City is on Earth, unless they meant to say Dreaming City)

I can’t watch the vidoc right now so I can’t tell if polygon is full of shit


RIP ikelos shotgun, trench barrel perk now deactivates after 3 shots



that’s actually kind of awesome, it was too good


I did a dozen rounds of EP yesterday with nothing but shaders and a Y1 grenade launcher gdi

Does this make it bad or just not the only energy you should consider?


it sounds like the latter for sure. like, it’s a pretty good shotgun on its own without trench barrel really


@shrug you can get a Blacksmith title under your name in Destiny now, Bungie still trying to win your affections back


full auto shotguns are great without trench barrel, it’s just now curated nation of beasts and perfect paradox is prob the Definitive Endgame Loadout