destiny dew™


It’ll probably be Pretty Dang Good for one or two seasons, and then join Broadsword in the Has-Been Club


they’ve been a real Mixed Bag so far, i played a couple of games with claymore before concluding “yeaaaaah i’ll stick to dire promise”, luna’s howl is awful and not forgotten is the best primary

brace yourself for moaning if they don’t add something that can compete with nf before trials comes back


btw I just want to say that Sunday would work super well for me but I’m up for anything really


Hey I finally got sleeper and the catalyst requires you to have every ep weapon wtf


We’re shooting for 5 CST because my partner’s working until 3:30 but that’s midnight for you I think? Dunno if you’re a night owl but we can also plan on another week where we can start earlier.


It’s a good week to get them. All three drop and it’s the easy-ish hungry boy boss.


That’s not too brutal! I’m game. Even considering that it’s going to take a couple/many hours. I’d love to be part of it. Do we know the day yet?

I’m hovering around 500 light level. Do I need to get a lot higher than that? I don’t know if I can make it to 600 until the weekend. Also, I only have a warlock at that level, so if you need something else, I can’t provide that…


the leviathan stuff only needs 330, last wish you want 580 really


If it’s happening this weekend it’s on Sunday (11/25).

I think we’ll have four warlocks but I’m sure we can make it work - a couple running attunement of grace and a couple with the kamehameha should do fine?

I’m a hunter and my brother’s a titan but we’re enough hunter and titan for everyone. Ill advised dodging and punching etc.

No worries at all about LL, it’s recommended 300.

Also, @idiot turns out the group wants to go in semi-blind so may just pick up BBP for this run. I’d love to do another, possibly more heavily SB?


Oh I’ll be blind in more ways than one! lol I’ll do the well of radiance, I think, because if I miss with the kamehameha I’ll be embarrassed beyond belief.

I’m excited for this, yasssss


oh hey the new prestige weapons were announced

cool, i think you’ll have a much better time that way really
four warlocks is fine, team comp isn’t really a big deal in the d2 raids so long as you have one lunafaction boots + well of radiance warlock and a titan for melting point on dps phases


The Gambit one doesn’t look bad at all.

Pick up the quest from the Drifter
Complete all the following objectives; you can earn progress toward these goals at the same time
500 Auto Rifle kills
100 Auto Rifle multikills
150 challenging enemies defeated
40 Gambit matches completed
Complete all of the objectives and head back to the Drifter to receive a fully Masterworked Breakneck


Wish I had those boots but they’re hard to get… Sucks


yeah they all look pretty easy to get, though that’s 40 gambit matches too many for me


Oh, no worries, at least one of our team does.

Xur should sell them eventually especially if he keeps not having Y2 exotics.


Did the 580 Corrupted mission and when you come across the shadow I was so excited.

At some point they have to have Souls-style enemy lightbearers, right? I was expecting that from this mission but I guess that’ll have to wait for the release where we can invade people.


Got the ikelos smg and sniper tonight

Now watch me never get the shotgun!


got two snipers after you left lol


you’re welcome


synthoceps are bugged right now so if you’re standing in a well of radiance and biotic enhancements procs, all of your damage gets a huge buff

so you don’t even need a decent cluster rocket to melt riven