destiny dew™


best doing leviathan when benedict is selling midnight coup, still the best pve primary i reckon

honestly if you’re on level and have decent gear all of the d2 raid stuff is easy, everything is designed to take hours to complete on the launch week, minutes the second

related news: bungie confirmed they’re never fixing the riven cheese


Honestly just occurred to me to take my propranolol for when I’m hard gaming :bbcool:


For when you need that extra lol


The linking worked! I uh, will have to join your clan now though? So long, panther moderns!

I’m playing Osiris now and I’m around 260 power level. If this sucks too hard I’ll do the level skip but I’m looking forward to actually, you know, playing the game instead


you don’t have to join the same clan, but there is a quest line we can run together I think


Osiris was honestly a blur but it has some great art.

Even if you skip the Warmind story it’s worth doing the two exotic quests and escalation protocol.


does anyone still playing would play with me


Just posting this again: BBP#11637

I’ll be playing a lot Monday through Wednesday. Let me know which region you’re on.

I’m playing today as well but I’ll be interrupted a lot so it’s no good for teaming up.

But let’s play in the next days if you have time!


Yeah the missions don’t do anything for me right now but the art sure is great





and @BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE im in canada!


Oh okay, I’m on PC. Maybe we’ll get cross play finally somewhere down the line


yah, too bad.

oh!! i should specify, im - 5 gmt


pretty sure that’s what i and most of the shaggy crew are!


hello, I am PS4 and Canada/Eastern

let’s jam


please come raid


omg i never done a raid o^o


Picked this up on PC so I could play through with a friend. We’re at level 15 now.

Starting to get a little iffy about this whole thing due to the lack of enemy variety - feels like we’ve been fighting the Flood and the goblin guys aimlessly on Titan for ages. I actively avoid those sporadic battles that happen around quest-givers because they’re so unfulfilling and bland.

Strangely, the solo missions you’re occasionally forced to do look a lot better than the rest of the game, almost like they’re Halo missions. I wonder why they’re able to do more with those segments than they are with the open-world stuff?

On the plus side, I love the magnum and adore the shotgun. Both feel great and are super satisfying to blast aliens with. Also enjoying the sword, though I wish there was a lot more to it than just “auto targets to nearby enemy, press attack.”

I have a lot of friends saying that the core game is really lacking and was clearly pushed out the door early, and that the actual “good stuff” is in Taken King and Forsaken, which is $30 bucks. I’m considering it, but I don’t love the idea of Bungie getting money for severely under-delivering on the core game.



man if i’d known i could turn you

switch to ps4!!!


I don’t even own a dang fool PS4

Does… dare I hope this has cross-platform play?