destiny dew™


Gambit is terrible in 2x infamy mode if you actually want to win, I spent an hour stuck in there with people who sat on the opposite end of the map not doing anything and sometimes the opposing team did the same. I didn’t even remember,her rounds could time out but I experienced it for the first time tonight. I’m sad.

But I’m Heroic III now!


I’m a mess, I love all of you:




The PC version of the base game is free until the 18th


I think Osiris and Warmind are going to be included in Forsaken at the $40 price, too, so that’s not too bad to get in.


well timed, feels like this is tapering off a bit now
matchmaking put us in 5+ empty comp matches back to back yesterday


557 power, finally unlocked the Dreaming City, and hit Mythic I rank in Gambit. Should be good to hit the first reset in the next week. It was a very productive night.


quickplay on pc is now full of level 2-20 players getting farmed


Hit Legend rank in Gambit after a 2.5 hour session tonight, so I now have about 3000 infamy left to go to get my reset. Unfortunately, only wins count towards gaining infamy in Legend rank, and I’m having bad luck getting teamed up with strangers tonight, so I guess I won’t be maxing it out tonight. Still got about a month and a half to grind to get this thing maxed out before the next season goes live.


yeah i’m hoping there’ll be another double/triple event i can hop on before it rolls over

sorry i missed you tonight!


I really want to play some Gambit with ya’ll. I’m at that point where I’ve been out of this long enough that things feel a little overwhelming to hop back into. I can’t even remember if I finished the campaign. Currently writing a thesis and working a bunch too, finding it hard to find time for shootening.


am i the only person who thinks gambit is dogshit then


Two days ago I for some reason wanted to play destiny 2 again. I’m still not done downloading because I had to pause it so many times but anyway, it seems gambit is free to play right now.

And you can get forsaken for 25 per cent off on but it doesn’t load for me right now so either it’s getting hämmered or it’s just fucked, who knows

I’ll bite!

But yeah I am pretty resigned to playing it alone at this point


Oh and don’t know if this was mentioned but forsaken includes the previous dlcs now, so no need to buy them (if you even can at this point)


When I get my windows partition working again, I will play on PC


hey let me post a refer a friend code if you’re getting forsaken

and im down to play with y’all timezones allowing (think there might be enough for an all sb raid on pc?)



I did it. It says I need to buy forsaken and create a character for it to work but I already have an old character and have bought it, so I don’t know if it’s bugged or I need to create a new one…? I’ll keep you posted, will probably play today


maybe you need to start the forsaken campaign, unsure


Will be down to PC raid US thanksgiving week and the last couple of weeks of December. :+1:

I think idiot’s the only one of the PC players that’s done Leviathan, which should be a good romp with Forsaken gear.