destiny dew™


ended up at 575 after doing the weeklies on one character, so my first time in the raid i’ll be at an appropriate light level, i don’t think this has happened before

and i got a team together for not forgotten grinding, off the wagon big time

anyone play much pvp? any thoughts? feel like a good last word & less flinch on sniper rifles would go a long way


The Hunter exotic Xûr is selling sounds insane, here is the perk description: “Dodging reloads all weapons and increases both movement and weapon handling speeds for a brief time. Duration is estimated to be 10 seconds.”


that does sound good but i dunno if i’d trade nova warp

edit: hey that’s a y1 exotic that i totally forgot about


if anyone wants to do haunted forest with me and sakurina we’re playing on PS4 for the next few hours!!!


I’ll be on for a bit but don’t have a mic atm!


oh i didn’t see this, hope i didn’t take your spot!


I guess A Thousand Voices and PC menu load times are the strat:


i woke up and was like… man i wanna play destiny

i guess i’m back

stay tuned for my next post saying i’m done with this game forever


re: destiny streamers this video came to my attention

look at this fucking thing


My home internet is a little wonky this morning but once I’ve gotten it stable again, I’ll let you know


why yes i do need LEDs on my ram

when i was building my pc it was really hard to find parts/a case that weren’t full of led’s and edgelord angles, i can’t imagine a worse aesthetic than ‘gaming pc’


yeah it’s the worst, i would totally support a return to beige boxes or g5 powermac knockoff cases


make a PC that looks as sexy as an X68000 and maybe I’d consider getting one


usually if you buy, like, the cheapest version of the best chipset in mITX (likewise for the cheapest high speed memory and so on) you still get fairly understated designs. that’s one of the only good rules of thumb for getting a PC that isn’t hideous


ya’ll are haters. i’m gonna be the gamer Tutankhamun: bedecked with LED ram and entombed in a giant monster energy can.


At Beep they sell x68000 rasberry pi enclosures.


should i feel bad for not forgotten farming on the asian servers


Is it just me or is the Horror Story just terrible


I haven’t gotten it yet. Even if it’s bad though I’m still in the 510s so I could use the boost

I finally got an exotic drop in forsaken and it was a dang star fire protocol


Got a new cable for my modem today so I should be good to play without the internet going down six times in an hour this weekend