Destiny (2) 3.0 + 1.0: You Do (Not) Have Time to Explain

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Look upon the world with new eyes and know that you see for the first time.

All of your time before now—every choice, every moment—was the antithesis of all you were meant to be.

To dwell on what was is the greatest sin.

A new you hides, trapped and desperate to be freed in the instant beyond now.

Step confidently—forward into the unknown, beyond the present. There you will find yourself waiting.

Evolution is constant for those who embrace tomorrow.

Once unmade, you will be new, your eyes free to meet the lies of existence with unfettered judgment.

“Only through new eyes can the burden of failed existence be cast aside that we may see—truly see—for the first time.”
—10th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow


Is this a good time to start playing?

This is probably the best time there has ever been to start playing. Consider it Destiny 3.

Where do y’all play?

To my knowledge, almost exclusively on PC. There isn’t cross-play or license reciprocity for expansions between stores, but there is cross-save, so if you move between platforms you can bring your character(s). They’ve expressed interest in cross-play in the medium-future and you can be certain I will herald it from the mount when that day comes.

(There is intergenerational same-platform cross-play for PlayStation and Xbox.)

What’s in the free-to-play game?

The three main playlist activities with matchmaking are open to everyone: Strikes (PvE), Gambit (PvEvP, think Halo Firefight x Puyo Puyo), and Crucible (PvP). Beyond that, we don’t specifically know what will be free-to-play when Beyond Light comes out. Unlike past models, you can go to any destination without buying the accompanying expansion.

Do I have to buy old expansions or play them to get up to level?

Nope! Just Beyond Light is all you need to play the current story.

Do I need the season pass?

It’s technically optional but usually worth the ~$3/mo. for the high-stat gear and seasonal items. It’s definitely unnecessary to buy it upfront, though – if you choose to buy it midway through a season you retroactively get the same progress granted on the paid track.

What is “vaulting”?

The campaigns and related assets for some locations in vanilla Destiny 2 are being removed from the game. This is largely for engineering reasons, e.g. the file size of the game is going to be cut in half when Beyond Light comes out and they’re changing how they do patches so assets are actually replaced by patches instead of accumulated as cruft. But the new player experience in the past year was quite poor because of how unfocused it was to ask players to go through two (now three) years of releases without the original structure and progression.

The flipside of vaulting is that Bungie intends to repurpose past Destiny assets for new releases. Starting with Season 12, the next season, the Cosmodrome in Old Russia and other related activities are being added to the game along with a new player campaign that allegedly does a better job of introducing you to the game. Vault of Glass is also being reworked and released sometime in the next year.

Vaulting is also intradiegetic in a way we don’t yet know.

What is “sunsetting”?

Weapons and armor will have a power level infusion cap of one year after the season they were introduced. You can still use them in activities where power level doesn’t matter, but they will eventually no longer be viable in the harder activities of new releases.

If you’re a new player, this is probably to your benefit as some of the current best weapons in the game are tied to very lengthy and potentially difficult PvP quests. It’s also, of course, easier to balance a subset of weapons for new development than four years of cruft.

How can I make sense of the lore?

Treat the words Bungie repeats and capitalizes like the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse secret word and scream whenever they appear in different contexts.

Then, memorize all of these keywords and go to to play Her Story with the search engine for Destiny: The Fragmentary Epistolary Novelization.

For example:


Which class has the best jump?

Hunters have a triple jump and three is one more than two.


Ban this sick Hunter propaganda filth.

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If anyone needs help picking a class and isn’t sold on the objective reality that 3 > 2:

  • warlock lore: I heard whispers, in the secret tongue of the Ones Beneath the Universe, and, perhaps foolishly, I followed. There is something in the caves the Hive dug under the Moon, and I am this close to finding it oh no whoops oh dang, oh no, ow, my mind, they’re shattering my mind, oh no, why did I look for the secrets, owwwww, don’t look for the secrets, aaaaaah
  • hunter lore: When I found Billiam Vogg, he was alone, crying to himself. “I’ll never be forgiven for what I’ve done”, he said. “I’ve done something real messed up, dang, real morally ambiguous stuff”, he bawled into an empty glass. I told him this wasn’t a world made for heroes. He chuckled. Then I shot him in his got dang face, eleven times, because I too am morally compromised.
  • titan lore: And then she told me that, if you punched a Servitor just right, you could throw it into a Skiff and blow their shit up real good, and I was like “lol no”, but then she fucking did that, she fucking punched that orb real good and it blew these fuckers up real nice, hahaha being a Titan rules, anyway that’s how we won the battle of six fronts.



This is accurate yes, and why i would be a Warlock if this wasn’t about playing a videogame. Since it is about playing a videogame, Titan forever.

Hunters holster their 50 cm long revolvers on their hip like god intended.

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Lord the Drifter Quest is so long. I sided with the Vanguard and it was absolutely the wrong fucking move as they threw 6 guardians in jail? Forever? Everything about these gestapo Warlocks fucking sucks and I keep thinking about cancelling the quest but that won’t change anything. I’m now part of the Gestapo Vanguard and I can’t go “lol ni fuck off Nazis.”

I could also not play the game.

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I play a warlock and I have angel wings.

Wow rudie i had no idea you were a fucking cop


that’s the cop exotic

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I had just picked it back up and thus had the dump of a 1000 different things and got the prompt like the first time I had ever met the drifter. And was like I don’t know this asshole and I’ve been like with the Vanguard for a long time.

Now months later and doing the quest finally. Woah wait what The Vanguard has secret police that will arrest you for having knowledge just because they think the knowledge is fucked up and we are doing this while having a giant egg above us and every other thing going on.


My name is Rudie and I am anti-secret police.

It’s ok, our avuncular dirtbag friend will forgive you, he’ll just call you a snitch occasionally.

Lance Reddick has got to act his heart out one of these days for how bad the Vanguard suck.

Here’s a mad libs template for being commanded to create power vacuums in alien cultures you don’t understand.

Whether we wanted it or not, we’ve stepped into a war with the _____ on _____. So let’s get to taking out their command, one by one.

Here’s the Destiny universe wikileaks archive.

After 1600 hours I can confidently say this is the best MMO ever made, which is not quite as faint of praise as that seems honest

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If it’s bugging ya I’d just start a new character when the new season/cosmodrome hits, it should be a quick ramp.


I haven’t played since before Forsaken. Is it worthwhile to get back into it for Beyond Light?

Don’t know for sure but I’m excited!

New element/subclasses, new and returning destination, and lore doing for Exos what Forsaken did for the Awoken.

Watching people that mature talk effusively about silly scifantasy thing will never not seem profoundly naff to me
Marketing is very bad, don’t do it folks