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I have forgotten a lot about this game. As I’m replaying it, I’m feeling the above sentiments. Especially now that I’m years removed from the graphics downgrades and marketing bait and switch. I love this series and that hurt me back then. SoTFS is a new coat of paint and I really like it. I had played a bit of it, when it released. But I didn’t finish SoTFS. And I haven’t ever done the DLC.

There are indeed a couple of lame areas. but I’ve also been through several good ones. Dark Souls 1 certainly had a few lame areas. Also, Dark Souls 2’s areas generally feel more intricate, if not larger.

And Dark Souls 1 gets all the credit for its interconnected world. Except, only about half of it is interconnected! The rest of it is linear spurs. Dark Souls 2 has plenty of connections. Indeed, they don’t feel as woven. But the game does have a sort of adventurous feel with many of the places and the lore. And I even think the slicker/brighter graphics in SoTFS lend to it feeling more adventurous.

And otherwise, NPCs are as good as anything in the series. Lore seems great to me. SoTFS edition added a whole bunch of NPC invaders. Mixed up enemies in many areas (I think for the better). I hear the DLC is pretty great (never played it. Will do, this time.). And on New Game pluses, extra/new enemy types are added to areas and even boss fights. Some other additions, too.

Yeah, this is a great game.


dark souls 2 is less linear than 1 despite being less interconnected or whatever

I also feel like it has stronger atmosphere in many ways. yes, it’s annoying how the level connections make no spatial geographic sense but that also adds to the sense of unrealism that is also kind of central to its plot. it has this kind of bizarre pseudo-worldliness to it that reminds me of old sort-of-open-world NES games like rygar or castlevania 2




I played katamari in Japanese, when we were sure it would never get localized. It was just impenetrable and magical and on some level I cannot deal with seeing it in English.


Just curious, have they patched Sword and Fairy 6 yet? Are you playing on a PRO? I saw some footage on a standard PS4 and it looked amazing but the frame rate took a huge hit during battles.


nope! it feels like it’s going to fall apart at any time. but i love the characters enough to persevere


There’s been a ton of good Vagrant Story shots way back in thread, but here’s a few as I started to get settings/shaders to a satisfying point. I might give them one more pass to bring crt halfway to @alteredfish’s

Tried to run with SABR and nah. Also what you doing Assly Spyit


Are you going to post (or blog) more thoughts about it? I’m extremely curious.


my post about it is already on my patreon, it’ll be on the blog later today!


Fuckin’ A these are some nice shots


sword and fairy 6 blog post is up, for interested parties


Damn, you put it over hard. Def picking it up!


Hmm, you got me interested in this now. This is just on Steam, right?


I bought it on pS4 and it’s nearly unplayable during battles but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.


i have it on ps4


Arrrghh okay I bought it as well.

I recall a friend of mine in Shanghai was hunting down the older games in the series and was obsessively playing through them all because she had fond memories of playing them as a child. Has anyone played those, and are any of them translated?




video games are kind of poison.


Your shader choices are hot