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last ngiht i unlocked biollante in ps4 godzilla. she dwarfs pretty much every other monster except mecha-king ghidorah, 2014 godzilla and destoroyah

also today i finally got my limited edition copy of sword and fairy 6 that i preordered on a whim a couple of months ago. there’s only 2000 of them! :open_mouth:
it doesn’t have the production values of japanese or western rpgs, but i’m still enjoying how it looks a lot. aesthetic beauty and large scale visual spectacles seem to be important parts of current chinese fantasy, based on this along with various comics, cartoons and toys i’ve seen. one of the loading screens shows what seems to be a big flying ship made of stone and grass, i’m looking forward to that


More laptop pics of Dark Souls 2


Majula is such an amazing looking place!

Edit: You ever low key hang out there just to listen to the music and relax?


Not specifically to relax. But I mean, its a big place with lots to look at and lots of screenshots to take (which will never be seen).

All 4 hub places have a great music piece.

I’m partial to The Nexus from Demon’s Souls and its music.

But I think Majula is easily #2 in the series for its music. And in terms of the place itself, I think its also hard to argue against the #2 spot, due to how large it is.


This is a really weird text box I’m having a hard time deciphering the context, but the takeaway is that cops talking shit on leftists is a thing in the world of dragon quest.


Damn, now I really wanna know what the original Japanese was.


it may have been a mistranslation of 左道 which should probably be something more like ‘sinister ways’ with a sort of similar etymology. or they are just anti communists idk


the frog for whom the beel tolls shots from before i was paying attention itt.


at this point in dq5 i realized henri had on only chain mail, a leather loincloth and a whip.


google translate vs Initial D for ps3


I’m gonna try to feature most of the Dark Souls 2 bosses, on my laptop playthrough. I may not do as many pics for each one. But, The Pursuer is a badass. So he gets a few pics.

This is the first encounter, where he is carried in by what looks like an oversized Golden Eagle.


Flexile Sentry

I took a holy shit, before the fog gate. Also, I think my hanging rag there may be floating on the water?!

He’s a two headed, two torsoed, 4 armed frog-man.

Lightning carries in water, for some extra AOE damage.

He can impale you and then slam you

Punching him, almost dead

Cool lighting down here (its below deck on a ship).


Ok next boss I did was The Lost Sinner.

This post is a little more expositional. Becuase the lead up to this boss, is pretty rad.

You go down into a very flooded dungeon. Where a torch is needed to appreciably see anything.

and then you exit the dungeon area, to reveal the walk up to the boss door…

so cool

There’s a sconce here. So lets light that with our torch.

What a place

This boss had a little intro cinematic

This bug thing crawled into his eye socket and seemed to animate this body. The bug thing kinda reminds me of the true last boss of Demon’s Souls

His hands are blocked. But my man can still hold a great sword

Then he swings that great sword and the whoosh from it, kills the lighting.

This fight is near completely dark. So, I didn’t take many shots.

Here I tried to complete a Faith healing spell, so there’s a little holy light, from that. You can see those bound hands can still work that sword!

and then I did a suicide run with a torch, to try and get a couple of lit shots. I didn’t last long, so it really was just a few shots, total.

There are chains hanging from the ceiling and some strewn on the floor. and some burnt out chandelier things.


IIRC if you bring a torch to the rooms at the top of the stairs in this shot

you can light some torches and then you’ll have partial light in the room during the boss fight. Only learnt of that way after my own playthrough when going through guides because it’s really not too obvious.


I don’t have the key yet, for those doors!

*Also, I forgot a lot about this game!


dark souls 2 is so underrated


i have floated this wet fart before but if none of the other souls games existed dark souls 2 would absolutely be everyone’s favorite video game of all time but instead it is now a think piece short hand for like the corrupting influence of a misguided multiplayerbase or iterative multi-yearly development B teams or disconjointed underbaked overworld coherence and related struggles and i am honestly surprised there hasn’t been some streamer charge to reclaim it actually i guess that doesn’t track there are no contrarian aesthete streamers that’s not a thi…


excuse me just because I haven’t streamed in a year


I beat Splatterhouse (PCE) in the kitchen!