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is it modern aquanaut’s holiday?


I’ve never played it but from what I know yeah, kinda contains that like a facet of the whole experience. All the survival crafting and progressively further swim trips can make the main gameplay loop come off like a lot of busy work which is not bad, just a lot more to manage the further you dive.


I found the survival loops to have the same effect as alchemy systems – spending too much time looking for Game Mechanic, prevents me from looking the way the minimalist ocean games do


Oh yes. I love Subnautica but haven’t played since the PS4 launch because I still haven’t been able to choose between normal mode and no survival elements modes

On one hand I dislike the survival elements (gathering resources is never interesting, gauges go down too fast) on the other hand they are integral to the experience to be removed without losing too much in return (no urgency, no need to stay close to the base or learn the geography of the world, multiple items are now worthless, etc)


Found some wonderful broken 3D photoscan things of a museum in vrchat.



yes that is ddr in counter strike source


I need to know what that “Keep up, motherfucker!” screenshot is from.


gta san andreas (with yoshi bicycle and anime mods obviously)


You are a genius.



someone please combine with this mod


i was looking through my old FFXIV screenshots because i really want to play again.

i was very amused by this mask I got because it reminded me of some kind of fucked up Silence of the Lambs or Leatherface flesh mask or something. I found it very unsettling, and consequently, hilarious.

I was very determined to jump onto this sign, and I did, but then in my hubris, I fell.

since i didn’t have access to my OG account, i had to make a new one and a new character.

right before i stopped playing i had apparently changed her hairstyle to this one because it reminded me of that girl from Life is Strange.

i really liked this area because it reminded me of easter, but i couldn’t afford a house here. just like in real life.

i don’t care about fireworks at all in real life, but there’s something novel about hearing distant popping and then looking up at the sky in and seeing fireworks going off in a video game.





This game has the weirdest reflection effects I have seen (which also completely disappear when playing in handheld mode


Enough of the jokes in this land that I am having a good time especially if it has a low-rent Grandia style battle system. The central conceit of the story is creepy beyond all get out.



I swear I play other games, most just don’t offer photo modes.