Den of Screenshots


The heck is this?


Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion. It’s definitely a AAA mobile tie-in (timesink or money pit? The choice is yours, player!)


I actually thought the dumb send people on missions subgame was one of the most fun parts of the last ACs I played and, yeah, I mostly play mobile games now why do you ask


Pretty sure the bulk of any given play through of Brotherhood and Revelations for me is chilling out by the pigeon coop, waiting for my assassins to report back and send them out.

Especially in Revelations, where you need to get a recruit to level up to Master Assassin and assign them to a given district in order to keep from having to play that game’s really bad tower defense minigame.


This phrase is doing things to my heart, lungs and colon


I’ve only played through them, uh, twice.

I just really like walking around Constantinople :frowning:


There’s gotta be some niche for that kind of virtual historical tourism. While obviously not economically feasible alone something like that education mode from Origins might be a solution? Still wanna check that out at some point. The Uncharteds could have used something like that, too - walking (and climbing! might as well give me possibilities for spacial exploration that I can’t do in real life) around Cartagena and Sana’a where by far the best part of Uncharted 3.


Origins was genuinely pretty fascinating to walk around on its own - the guided stuff was a fun, well put-together reason to do it some more.

It’s also why Odyssey bums me out just a bit. Origins makes Egyptian culture so integrated into every aspect of its world. There were tons of little bespoke animations, depending on who was where. People harvesting honey, pulling birds out of nests and snapping their necks (?!), doing funerary rites. The works.

Odyssey just has people through Zeus’s name around a bit with people walking around in togas and kinda calls it a day.

But yeah, I wish more games would let you kinda casually walk through their environments. Naughty Dog’s games have those really good looking levels that you gotta fill with corpses before you can really play around with photo mode.


Neon Genesis Evangelion 64 is extremely good as is this filter.


No, it can’t be, because Retronauts said all the eva games were on the Saturn and were bad visual novels that they never played but know are bad and Saturn emulation is too tough to even bother with and…


You would have to be an extreme dorkus that had only looked at screenshots (Which Rule) to think this game sucked.

Evangelion 2nd Impression on the Saturn is also cool as heck telling of the story with anime cutscenes and timed choices.

Then there is whatever the hell Detective Evangelion 2 is.


Every screenshot I have ever seen of the n64 one made me think “man, as a game, who knows what that is, but hell yeah I would play it.”



good superhero name




image image image image


Do you have a backlit GB or is that an emulator?


It’s retroarch with a cool filter that replicates the gameboy look quite well. The screenshots are confusing because I took a photo of my monitor with my phone camera.


I honestly thought those were actual photos of a brick gameboy with some kind of fancy modded screen


emulator shaders are a beautiful thing


Well, I’ve become pretty addicted to Subnautica.