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It is, but the nature of the art assets and the level of randomness allowed in the rooms, as well as the interspersed locked-down rooms makes me think it’s highly controlled. The random rooms are likely following the predefined layouts + randomized elements model, which also helps them control compositions.


Yeah, Below is merely semi-random, the general layouts of each level and each room are kept on a tight leash, at least for the first six levels.


betterthan fuckoffkenta


This old creeper just shows up at this 8-year-old’s apartment talking about being her dad’s rival and punching his monkey in college. Then he gives her a monkey named after himself.

This monkey is a piece of garbage. This is after I fed it curry and a banana. How many monkeys get curry and a banana?

Now no monkeys get curry and a banana. Shitty monkeys get corn from the midwestern United States.

Finally, somehow, I got this menu:
Shopping takes me to this menu:
Speaking words of wisdom, let it buy.

Apparently, I can tell the monkey what to buy, or just let the monkey do its thing. I don’t know why I’d ever leave it up to the piece of shit monkey.


oh, so that game is actually called…Monkey Puncher.

Well that makes sense


apparently it was only released in english in europe. i guess americans weren’t ready to punch monkey.


(Dandy dungeon online services are being cancelled in a couple days.)


I appreciate that for a massive game that most people will just fly over and never really explore, the Just Cause 4 team put in dumb little Easter eggs like this.



Avalanche is still one of my favourite big studios, I just feel like they pushed this one out too soon after the last

In fairness, I didn’t think nearly enough people played the last one so trying to get more mileage out of it isn’t a bad thing


Sure am glad a bunch of irrational dweebs issued death threats at random Insomniac developers so I could take these piss filter screenshots with the ol’ Ribbed For Her Pleasure Raimi suit. Worth all that anxiety and agony inflicted, I’m sure!

gamers are the worst y’all


Library of Blabber


NARE01-18 NARE01-17 NARE01-19

i lost my map and couldn’t find my way back to north clock town after finding the fairy fragment and then the graphics got all glitchy as fuck near a statue. :\


soul hackers has a compatibility test that determines which of the cast of characters (playable or not) you’re most compatible with.

i got madame ginko.
sh_loveclub_01 sh_loveclub_02 sh_loveclub_03 sh_loveclub_04

love this alternate reality where sony made walkman monitors.

evil jack nicholson (jaaku nicholson?)

sh_painass1 sh_painass2
the internet

this kid is wearing the school uniform from shin megami tensei if…



Well, that was a fun game. Til the next one, I guess.


The joie de vivre of home decorating…
I didn’t know this feeling until this very moment.


ben drowned



sh_05 sh_03 sh_06 sh_04 sh_07 sh_01


Those proportions seem much stranger on large statuary.


Ubisoft makin’ their case for assassin Nendoroids.